Saturday, July 27, 2013

Florida: The Perfect Recipe for a Nap

We were debating what we wanted to do and what we could do. We would have loved to have gone to Seaworld but for the price of the tickets you really need to dedicate a whole day. It was just too hot out to take my Little Cricket anywhere outside for long. Thankfully my mom head heard of a small zoo nearby. Not as big, not as expensive and the perfect size to do something for two hours.



There was a short distance between the ticket booth and the entrance of the zoo that held all kinds of zip lines, in the tree bridges and paths that looked so much fun for an older boy. Of course I felt bad for those people struggling to have fun in this heat but I stored it away as something fun to do in 8 or 10 years. There was a woman right by the entrance of the zoo holding a snake. We were allowed to touch it but no matter how much my mom begged she wasn’t allowed to hold it!


And then we got to the entrance but couldn’t find the tickets. Somewhere in the quarter mile we somehow lost the,… DOH!!!! Thankfully they were super nice and let us in on our word that we did pay. It is so nice to be in a small town. That would have never flown in LALA land.

We walked into the zoo and they were having a bird showing which is right up our alley. The birds didn’t seem to mind the heat all that much but I felt terrible for the workers. We got to see some pretty cool birds, all without the cages which is my favorite part. Of course I wish they would let us hold them (like mother like daughter). I especially wanted to hold the sweet little screech owl!







I am so blessed that my parents and I share many hobbies including photography. We have such a great time getting the shot and its awesome to celebrate those perfect moments of awe when you get that one fabulous photo. We even sometimes share photos when we are together especially today when I was borrowing their big lens since I had left mine at home. It’s fun to talk about technique and settings, especially since we are all pretty knowledgeable. Love my parents!


The zoo had a few other interesting birds, most of them were behind wire cages that were simply impossible to get a good photo. I have been to a few zoos now that have a spot specifically for photographers that breaks up the cage just enough to fit in a lens. Those make it so much easier to get good photos. Even without the photographer hole we managed to get a few good photos. I especially liked the Toucan and the Red Headed Cardinal. Of course getting a photo of the Macaw was easy, they are never in cages and usually are pretty friendly!




After the first hour we took a break. Even with my mom fanning him and us trying to keep him out of the sun he was still uncomfortable. I mean it was so hot the rocks were probably uncomfortable. The break was mostly to give my Little Cricket a break from being in the car seat. Those suckers get HOT. I even purchased a Meeno, an extra padding that gives the baby better air circulation in the car set. Although it helps tremendously, I would guess cutting down how hot he gets by half. Still the Meeno isn’t a fix all cure all. It felt good to sit in the shade and relax. I think this is also the first time My Little Cricket guzzled his cold milk. Normally I warm it up for him if I can but this time I think he appreciated his icy lunch.




Even after the break we were all still too warm so when we turned a corner and saw a petting zoo gift store where you could purchase food for the animals and souvenirs that were air conditioning we BOLTED for that door. Walking into that room was simply the most wonderful, glorious feeling in the world. I took my Little Cricket out of his seat and placed him right in front of the fan. That was ONE HAPPY BABY!


We walked out 10 minutes later into the petting zoo feeling refreshed. I cannot wait until my Little Cricket is old enough to have fun in a petting zoo. For how we just looked and of course snapped a few photos of some of the animals. I especially loved one of the young lamas covered in hay and eating away. The caretakers had shaved the animals so they just had their fuzzy heads full of hair. I am sure this little baby appreciated it! I also fell in love with the male rooster. His feathers and coloring were so pretty!



Many of the animals were simply not moving. It was just too hot to do much. I was surprised to find two of the cats awake at all. The most active animal we found were the otters because SURE they had a pool. In fact watching the little otter turn and spin and dive made me wish I could jump in too. Sure looked cool and fun!




The rhinos also were up to their ears in water. Yup its where I would be if I was them.


By the end of the zoo I was DONE being in the heat. I took a photo with my dad that just cracks me up. I was angry at the heat… I think he was scared. HEHHEHEHEHE! Love it!


The last exhibit in the zoo we visited was the bug palace that thankfully was inside and air conditioned. I have never been a big bug fan growing up, only until I got into photography have I begun to appreciate how beautiful bugs actually are. The exhibit wasn’t large but I particularly loved a whole wall of Florida bugs all beautifully displayed.




Florida has some pretty cool bug. Some pretty big bugs I wouldn’t want to run into as well! My mom is so adorable, she makes me laugh!



We had to brave the heat once more to get to the car and then it was air conditioning I vowed for the rest of the day. Mommy and poor Little Cricket had enough heat for the day. Now it’s time for some yummy Olive Garden and of course heat & Italian food = a nap!


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paul peggy zeus said...

This was a perfect zoo with the baby, anything more would have just been too much! I think Jake would have loved the zip line and the jungle walk. We'll have to take him one day! That angry face of you and dad is so cute! I don't think dad has an angry bone in his body!

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