Saturday, August 3, 2013

Taste Buds: Mama’s Breakfast Quiche


Quiche is just one of those recipes that I have never made, as in ever. I love it I really do, so I am not really sure what my problem was jumping on the Quiche making bandwagon. Anyways while visiting my parents my mother made her quiche. It was realitivly easy to make and OH SO YUMMMY. So of course I have to add Mama’s Breakfast Quiche to my recipes. Now I can whip out this bad boy the next time we have out of town guests. YUMMMMM.

For the Crust
heaping cup flour
1/3 cup Crisco
3 tablespoons butter

For the Filling
5 Eggs
3 Tablespoons milk
Salt & Pepper

For the toppings pick anything that sounds good and cut them in bite sized pieces. Remember if you use bacon or sausage make sure they are precooked. For this particular quiche my mother used:

8 bacon strips precooked
shredded jack chedar cheese

For the Crust
1. Put all ingredients in a bowl and cut the Crisco and butter into the flour until they are about pea size.
2. Sprinkle water over mixture and gently shake the bowl until dough is slightly saturated. It is ready when dough forms a lose ball.
3. Roll out dough with a rolling pin on parchment paper and line a 9 inch pie pan.

For the Filling
1. Beat together eggs, milk, salt and pepper.
2. Mix in cut up ingredients.
3. Gently pour filling into the pie shell.
4. Bake at 350 degrees until the eggs are set. Approximately 40-60 minutes.

Makes 8 servings


Nicole said...

That looks amazing! I'm going to have to try that for sure this weekend!

paul peggy zeus said...

Feel free to switch veggies and meats, mix and match ham and spinach, is another of my favorites!

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