Sunday, July 21, 2013

Sunday Skinny - Its Tough Getting Old

So I only did two workouts this week. And it wasn’t because I was lazy or making stupid excuses, it’s because my feet are killing me.


Originally my feet started hurting last July and then by mid-August when they weren’t getting better I went to my regular doctor. They did some x-rays and found a minuscule bone spur and then since it wasn’t something obvious she told me to go see a foot specialist.

But then I found out I was pregnant. I got put on modified bedrest; no hiking, no carrying my monster bird lens, no exercise and I was only allowed to walk for necessary things like going to the grocery store. With all the rest I got my feet slowly started feeling better. And so I thought they were fine.

However with my recent walking agenda, trying to get in 2-3 miles a day, my foot pain is back again. Since I am only walking I thought maybe it was my shoes, so I went out and got a new pair of fancy walking shoes with good arch support. But the pain is still there, and the more I walk the more it hurts.

So I called and found a foot specialist who wanted to schedule an appointment for me at the END OF SEPTEMBER!!!! After moaning and complaining and crying the woman finally managed to find something in a month. I still wasn’t happy; I have to wait a whole month before finding out what’s wrong with my feet.

I am pretty sure I have plantar fascitis, a condition I learned a bunch about because my dad has it. Apparently as well as inheriting his looks I have also inherited his high arches. The thing that confuses me is that I wear really supportive shoes when I am working out or hiking. Generally people get plantar fascitis when they walk often barefoot or workout in shoes that do not support their high arches.

So right now, according to Google and my dads/Mrs. Dancer’s recommendations, I am resting my feet. I am icing them, I am massaging them with tennis balls and I am praying that they will start feeling much better soon. The really negative thing to all this is that I finally got cleared to exercise by my OBGYN. I was looking forward to losing some weight and getting back in shape. Now I am sidelined again, forced to sit and wait until my appointment so I don’t do something horrible to my feet.

So sadly Sunday Skinny will again have to wait for a while longer. Hopefully I will be back in a month starting this up again.

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paul peggy zeus said...

I hope you don't have planter fascitis, it takes so long for it to heal. Dad's has been about three years now and they still pain him. Check into inserts, try one of those feet things int he store which tell you what type of support you need, maybe that will help out, a little bit anyway.

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