Sunday, August 11, 2013

Sunday Skinny: It’s Not About Deprivation or Perfection

I know I know I said I was going to take a break from Sunday skinny because well my feet are killing me. I am anxiously waiting for my podiatrist appointment in two weeks. However the point of Sunday skinny is to work on all parts of health, not just for me to be accountable exercising. So I figured just because I cannot walk or use the elliptical doesn’t mean that I cannot lift weights or at least work on what I put in my mouth. Sadly my diet hasn’t been as good as it could be due to a recent baking extravaganza… does nesting go beyond birth!

I was talking to Ms. Pool Shark the other day and in that conversation we again were lamenting about taking off some of these extra pounds. It is a broken record, the words coming out of my mouth, the promises, the continued attempts to try and the inevitable failures. I have been on this rollercoaster for YEARS and still haven’t gotten to where I want to be. My only options are to keep trying or to give up.

"Wellness isn't about deprivation and it's not about perfection. It is about pointing yourself in the direction of growth, training yourself to get comfortable with your highest potential, and then taking small steps to support that shift. It's about showing up for yourself, day by day, and then one day finding that you've undergone a transformation."
- Kathy Freston

The bottom line is that setting goals helps me increase my performance. And when I am goal-less, or in my mind in the failure part of the cycle, all my good habits go out the window. So in an effort to continue with the right mindset I am making specific goals that I can measure but also that are achievable. For instance my goals right now are to:

1. Drink less diet coke and more water. In order to have a diet coke I have to drink 60 ounces of water. Probably half the time I reach for a diet coke I am thirsty. The other half of the time it is because I am tripping over my feet in exhaustion and I need the caffeine kick. If anything forcing myself to drink that much water before I allow myself the diet coke usually means that I don’t want it anymore. And then in those cases when I still have to have it I usually cannot drink it all.

2. I am really good at getting my fruit intake every day, on average I usually get 3-4 servings a day. I just love love love fruit however my vegetable consumption isn’t as awesome. It isn’t that I don’t like vegetables, I really do, but they are just harder for me to work into my daily diet. So I need to eat more vegetables, to be specific at least 4 servings of them a day. My main goal is to fill at least more than half my plate for lunch and dinner with vegetables.

3. Do at least a half hour of some type of exercise a day. Since I cannot walk or elliptical right now, my two preferred methods of exercise that might mean just 30 minutes of yoga or it might mean 30 minutes of weights. I just need to keep moving. Not only is keeping moving good for me it also reinforces what I am eating that day. I find when I am working out I am more likely to stick to eating healthier. It’s all about creating the healthier mindset. There is a big correlation between working out and eating right – the two go hand in hand – and when one starts slipping the other chases after it.

So here I am, showing up for myself, working on getting my eating under better control and working on some specific achievable goals.

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paul peggy zeus said...

You will find your stride and reach your comfort zone. You always do, It is just who you are. I should know, I'm your mom. :)

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