Monday, July 22, 2013

She Did too Many Things Today

I have been packing for my trip to Florida for a week. I know it seems excessive right, well it was my first time traveling with my Little Cricket and I knew packing was going to be a not so fun game of don’t forget anything and Tetris. I wish that the baby was a little older and therefore me a little bit more experienced about the things I would actually need to bring. Thank goodness for our spare bedroom which I turned into packing grand central. I simply loaded the bed with what I wanted to take and then slowly took things away or added things as I thought about them.


Let me just say that I am so super duper excited to be traveling again. I have been able to do a few little road trips while I was pregnant which was a good compromise for my travel loving heart, but nothing thrills me more than getting on a plane and going somewhere fun. This trip is to Orlando Florida so my parents who both are unable to travel right now can meet their newest little grandson.

Of course I am worried not only about packing and not forgetting anything but also about traveling with such a little baby alone. I am not sure how the logistics of stroller and car seat, along with carting around a crap load of luggage is going to work out. I am praying everything goes smoothly.

With the organizing of the things I wanted to take done I started the Raisin Bread. We have this fantastic family recipe that we have been making for generations. Sadly my mother cannot make it in her tiny little oven in the trailer. I knew my parents would love some and I wanted it to be as fresh as possible. In hindsight I probably should have baked it yesterday, since today was already super busy. Ahhh well I know that they will appreciate it.

And then while the bread was rising I decided to grab lunch with Mrs. Dancer. Because my day wasn’t full enough already. I was going to be out of town for a while and she wanted to hang out. Plus I was craving Greek food again. Plus lunch on a fabulous sunny happy summer day outside is always a fantastic idea!


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paul peggy zeus said...

Thank you so much for the yummy raisin bread. It is one thing I miss not having a real oven to cook this much bread in. Thank goodness for Ms Dancer helping you on the plane, and I was thankful to be there on the other end to help out. You did marvelous, but by the looks at the stuff on that bed, I'd swear you were packing for an entire year! lol.

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