Saturday, July 13, 2013

Second Month Pediatrician Appointment

Time is flying by so fast I cannot believe that my Little Cricket is two months already. We went to our two month old pediatrician appointment and all in all my Little Cricket is doing great. The best news is that he is perfectly healthy. His head, which used to be in the 90th percentile, is now 50th percentile. He is no longer my big headed baby! Sadly his big head caused a little flat spot on the back of his head. Babies with larger heads apparently don’t move them as much; their little weak neck muscles just can’t handle the weight. The good thing is that the spot is pretty small and now that I know about it I can make sure to watch that it doesn’t get worse. As long as it doesn’t get worse than my doctor said that it will heal itself once my Little Cricket starts moving his head more, sitting more, etc.



I never thought that I would be so obsessed with weight but being that I exclusively breast feed I have no idea exactly how much my Little Cricket is eating on a day to day basis. His weight was right on track 11 pounds 7 ounces.


I was also gently scolded about keeping my Little Cricket in the swing to sleep at night. She wants me to try and transition him to the bassinet. Easy to say when I get sleep but at 3 in the morning with a not sleeping baby, the fact that he will only sleep in the swing is a godsend. I am going to Florida to see my parents in a week, and I am obviously not bringing the swing, so that will be soon enough to wean him off it.


The main reason for the appointment however was to get my Little Crickets first set of immunization shots. After much agonization and research and drama and crying I decided to stay on the American Pediatrics recommendation schedule for immunization shots. When it boils down to it there is more risk to drive a baby in the car than getting immunization shots. I decided to wait for my trip to Florida until a week after the shots. There are so many germs at the airport, I just want my Little Cricket to have the most protection possible.

The nurse came in with the shots and I wasn’t ready… but ready or not those shots went in. He cried, I cried and then I had to resist the urge to hit the nurse in the head for hurting my baby. Four shots later it was over and then I sat in the room and nursed my baby until we were both dry eyed.

Then we went home and both took a nap. It was a rough day.



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paul peggy zeus said...

Angry Birds is the perfect bandaid. Don't you feel guilty? They stab the baby, then say, 'OKAY, YOU CAN PICK HIM UP NOW". Shoot I didn't do it!

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