Thursday, July 25, 2013

Nerdy Birdy: Orlando. Florida Birds

Even though I didn’t go to Florida to go birding I cannot help at least taking a peek at what’s around. Although we missed seeing the Scissor Tailed Kite and the Barred Owl that my parents have seen and heard at this park I did get to finally get fantastic photos of the Sandhill Crane. I have only seen the crane at Yellowstone, and both sightings of the bird was far far away. At my parents campground you cannot help but TRIP right over the birds. Seriously they are right there, right in your face, grazing away without a care in the world to the people around. Best place to see the Sandhill Crane ever!






We ran into a Red Shouldered Hawk while taking a walk around the park. Although he didn’t let me get close I managed to get great clear photos of him. Since I didn’t want to lug my giant lens on the plane I borrowed my parents 300mm fixed lens. Although it doesn’t get quite the reach my lens does it netted out fantastically sharp photos. I was really happy with it. This bird blends in pretty well with its natural habitat. If we hadn’t seen it swoop in and land it would have been pretty difficult to find.





While we were out at a botanical garden (which I will share with you soon) I got to see two other birds I don’t get to find often. The first was the Bewick’s Wren. I was actually photographing butterflies at the time but this little guy jumped onto a branch right above the butterfly I was taking a picture of. All I had to do was raise the lens a bit and I got this photo. He was only there for a moment, in fact I only got two frames snapped before he took off. Yup sometimes birding can be easy, sometimes they come to you!


In a pond we spotted a bunch of Red Winged Blackbirds and although the more brightly colored males were out of my photographing range I managed to get a decent photo of the not so beautifully plumed female. Poor little girl, I don’t know why all the boys get the pretty feathers!


My last bird of the trip was the MOST EXCITING find. My parents, while driving into their park, passed a small pond where they spotted a Tricolored Heron. My mom and I left the baby with my dad and we dashed over to the pond hoping he was still there. Not only was he still fishing away he let us get pretty close. My mother and I switched off the 300 lens so we could both get great photos. LOVED this guy. Normally Tricolored Herons are very skittish but he let us walk right up to him. We were so close. He was such a great model.








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paul peggy zeus said...

Yeah, yeah, we just trip over the birds in this park! Loved to do birding with you, sorry I wasn't able to really go birding! I can only hold the camera for so long right now. Even still, amazing pics!

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