Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Florida: My Little Cricket Flies

We woke up for our flight nice and early. Mr. Rogue had a spine appointment scheduled at the same time I needed to be dropped off at the airport. Normally I would take a cab but with the stroller, my two carryon’s, the baby AND two checked bags I needed help. So Mrs. Dancer took us to the airport, parked and then came in with me to help me check my bags. She is the bestest bestest ever!

Daddy is going to miss us so much! He always is sad about coming home to an empty house when I am gone but I am taking his Little Cricket with me. We wish he could have come but he took off a bunch of time for his spine surgery and then again took off time for when my Little Cricket was born. I promised to call often and text photos even more often, we will see you in 10 days Mr. Rogue, hang in there.


Of course I was so nervous about flying with a baby, alone, for the first time. I scoured the internet over the past two weeks looking for tips and tricks. In the end it wasn’t as awful as I thought it would be, mostly in part because my kid is awesome. Other than getting on the plane with a baby, a carseat, my diaper bag and my personal carryon (which was a bit tricky) the flight went super smoothly. My Little Cricket slept most of the time and when he wasn’t sleeping he would eat or quietly play. As many moms on the forums I scoured said, this is the perfect age to travel, when a baby is still a baby.

He was so quiet in fact that when we were getting off the plane, the woman in front of us turned and explained ‘OH MY, you have a child, I didn’t even know there was a baby behind me, he was SO GOOD.’ I did a mental high five at my babies awesomeness. I am sure there will be many times he makes me cringe in public… just not yet!

My Little Crickets first flight, at just nine weeks old. I love to travel, and I plan on traveling with my son often, let the awesomeness of discovering new places begin!






We landed safe and sound in Florida and I found my mother waiting for me to help with the bags by baggage claim. She ran, literally ran over, jokingly diving for the baby before she curbed that hug to me. We both grinned into each others eyes, because she got it and I got it and we didn’t need words to explain that she knows me. She knows that I wanted that brief hug before promptly being ignored for her grandson she has never seen. And then yes for the next two hours I was ignored, but then again who can blame them, they were overwhelmed by the cuteness.



We got to my parents RV and settled in. A bath, a diaper change and many many cuddles. I could now sit back and relax a little after being wound up tight all day. We did it, we made it. Success!


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paul peggy zeus said...

Cricket is an amazingly well adjusted good baby who hardly ever cries. Even when he does it's because he's in need not just because he's crabby! It was great to see you as a mother, you are the best, and I know you will be a better mother than most.

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