Monday, August 5, 2013


You know its bad when you look at any horizontal surface and the first thought that comes to your head is I could lie down right there. The grocery store baking aisle. The counter at the post office. The trunk of my car. I am so tired!

Plus I think I am coming down with a cold. Which is totally awesome. Its time to deck the halls with balls of Kleenex. So in an effort to give my body what it really needs I decided to have a sick day. Or an ick day. Unfortunately as a mom you don’t really get the day off. However fortunately as a new mom my Little Cricket is still young enough that he sleeps often. I am hoping that by resting my immune system will rally and defeat whatever is trying to take over my body before I become truly sick or worse that I get sick and then I get the baby sick.

So I laid in bed, I slept, I read books, I played with the baby and I did some research on the laptop. Whenever I am sick, Seurat, my old man cat, gets super EXCITED. His favorite thing in the world is to cuddle up with me when I am lying around. Most of the time however I am zooming all over the place. If I am home I am normally cleaning, doing laundry, or on the computer (he isn’t allowed in that room). Now with my Little Cricket here most of my down time is spent playing with the baby. So when I laid in bed all day, Seurat curled at my side, you could hear the sheer rapture in his almost silent purrs. When I am sick I am lying around all the time and he gets almost constant cuddles.


Most of the research, with my cat snuggled by my side, I was doing was to try and find something to do with the baby. It’s a whole new world of not being able to do what I did before baby. I cannot just traipse off into the woods and go birding like I used too. I needed to find new activities that I could do with my Little Cricket. So I have been talking to other moms and looking up stuff online. I know if I just stay home all the time that I will go out of my mind. Right now my Little Cricket is a little young for some of the things I found (like swim lessons) however I did find a new mommy and me support group that meets once a week. The group is made up of babies of similar ages and the guest speaker that week goes over a different topic of baby development, massage, care, safety, psychology etc. All of this while playing with our little ones and letting them interact with each other. I start mid-September and I am excited!

I also found Stroller Strides, an organized exercise class for moms that involve the babies in the stroller. Although I have to wait until my feet get cleared for exercise this sounds like an awesome place to help me get in shape.

So that is how I spent my day, sleeping, reading, playing with my Little Cricket and then sleeping some more. I truly feel awful.

Oh and I love my husband because he sends me stuff like this to cheer me up.

P.S. the baby was on my lap when he sent this and he was at work


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paul peggy zeus said...

You so need to come back as a cat in your next life. Love your honey for sending you such a great funny!

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