Thursday, August 8, 2013

Lunch with Owlbait

Since I have been banned from doing exercise during my pregnancy I haven’t been birding. And because I haven’t been birding I haven’t seen my friend Mrs. Owlbait in a while. I found out I was pregnant last August right after our Arizona 4 day birding trip and I have only seen her twice since. So when she called and invited me to lunch so she could meet my Little Cricket I jumped at the chance to see her. Birding I might not be able to do with the baby bunch lunch works perfectly.

Even better she took me to The Athenaeum a super posh, member’s only club that I have heard so much about but have never been. Only specific people who work or go to school at Cal Tech can become members. Regardless I got to go and it was so super fancy and fantastic and yummy and well FABULOUS. This I tell you is the life. Now only if I can come here every single day!



I was told that I had to get the buffet which included several cold fancy pasta salads, a gigantic salad bar, cut fruit, roasted vegetables, several choices of decadent fancy mouth-watering sides and your choice of either Slow Roasted Lamb or Dill Grilled Salmon. Everything looked so super delicious it was hard to choose so I selected a little portion of everything.


Over the next hour we ate and proceeded to talk, about trips she has been on and the fantastic birds she has seen. She is so knowledgeable and it was fun to hear about all her adventures, even more so because I hadn’t been able to go out birding that often at all. I really only used to have two people in my life who know anything about birds, my mom and Ms. Ivy. I have added Mrs. Owlbait to that short list. It’s so much fun to dive into my nerdy birdy habit with someone else and since she is so much more knowledgeable than I, I get to learn so much.


Once we were done with our lunch we were stuffed but Mrs. Owlbait insisted that we get dessert. We waited a good half hour before ordering so we would have room, yes the buffet was that good! We both opted to order the waiters favorite, Vanilla Bean Ice Cream and berries soaked in Grand Mariner. DELICIOUS!!!!


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