Saturday, August 10, 2013

KTG: Café Gratitude

The KTG group has been hard for me to make lately. My last month of pregnancy was hard and with Mr. Rogue’s surgeries, my shower, a trip to San Fran, friends and family visiting from out of town and then the birth of my Little Cricket caused me to miss several months of outings. So when the invite came to meet at Café Gratitude a family friendly venue I jumped at the chance to go. I am feeling better and getting out more and this I could bring the baby.


Café Gratitude is an all vegan, all local restaurant. Although I would dub this as weird food and not my normal cup of tea this restaurant does a really good job at faking you out. I ordered the BLT where the bacon was substituted for coconut curry stuff that was supposed to be bacon. It was good but would have been so much better if it had been real bacon. I also ordered the strawberry delight; Strawberry shortcake where the ice cream and the whipped cream are made of some weird non-dairy something. AGAIN it would have been better if it had been real ice cream but it was tasty.



I don’t have a problem with vegetarian food, in fact Mr. Rogue and I try to eat two vegetarian days a week. However I am not a huge fan of vegetarian food that tries to fake out the real stuff. I was proud I tried it but this wouldn’t be my place of choice. Regardless I had fun with the girls, even if I ended up showing up very late. It was nice to catch up.


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paul peggy zeus said...

I love how you keep active and always find cool things to do. That strawberry shortcake is absolutely ginormous!

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