Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Florida: Indulgence in Adorableness

It was strange to see my parents with my son. I had always imagined myself with kids, creating vivid images in my head of me with my children. Because that is how I function, picturing what will be to get me through what is. But never once did I imagine my parents being grandparents to my child. Sure I have a nephew; sure they already have a grandchild. But it was surreal and different that it was now my child; because my parents were now grandparents. They were more than just mine, now I have to share, and it was STRANGE. Once I got over the initial shock I simply sat back and basked in the glow of their indulgence. If that kid was awake he was in someone’s arms, and you know what, even if he was sleeping he was often being rocked by a happy grandma or grandpa. Needless to say I was getting less cuddle time but my Little Cricket was eating it up.




I wasn’t the only one feeling a little left out. My parents little dog Zues was also feeling the neglect. Poor little baby sweetheart has to share the attention. It’s ok Zeus we are only here for 10 days. P.S. isn’t he the cutest little adorable puppy ever! I swear he thinks that he is a real boy.


I love my parent’s lifestyle, and maybe one day I will have to try it out. They live in an RV and travel across the United States, moving every two weeks or so to somewhere new and different. Their RV is like a perfect little apartment with everything they need. The idea is appealing and for the most part they love it. Sure it sucks that they aren’t right down the street, that we cannot have dinners on Sundays and that they can’t just pop over for a quick visit. But I don’t have that with most of our family. We are scattered across the US, so we all just make do with seeing each other as often as we can and talking on the phone all the time.


My mom and I decided to go out for a little bit. She wanted to get her grandson a little gift so we headed over to some stores. I of course couldn’t help but gravitate to the baby clothes, in particular we were looking for something that said ‘I love grandpa’ since I already had a grandma shirt. But we didn’t find anything cute. My mom on the other hand found MANY MANY things that she liked; too bad they were all girl clothes. He’s a boy, he’s a boy but my mom won’t admit it. Next time mom I will try to make sure we have a little girl.



Finally at Target, aka the circle store as my nephew calls it, aka the most awesome store ever, my mom finally found what she was looking for… well she sort of found what she was looking for. She wanted to get him a glow worm, something that my brother had apparently when he was young and that she got for her other grandson. But the traditional glow worm was sadly not present. Instead we found glow seahorse. An adorable little guy with his bubbly music. It was perfect!


I had a little gift for my mom of my own. I am simply obsessed with Clinique’s new Chubby Lipsticks. When my mother in law was here I took her to the Clinique counter to pick out one for her and then I bought a bunch of different colors to take to my mom. I wasn’t positive what color she would like so I let her pick her favorite but I should have just gotten it. She picked the Cherry one that I thought she would like best.



And then for the rest of the day we just relaxed which is totally fine by me. My energy levels are not what they used to be. I am hoping soon I start feeling more like me and less like a sleep deprived zombie. But then I look at his sweet little face and know that no matter what, it is all worth it.


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paul peggy zeus said...

These lipsticks are awesome, so light you don't have that Heavy, made up look or feel, and yet the coverage is spot on! Loved the glow seahorse which plays the most wonderful, classical tunes ever! Your baby is so cuddly and adorable, I couldn't get enough of him!

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