Thursday, July 18, 2013

Home & Garden: The Jack & Jill Bathroom

This bathroom fell into one of the last spaces to get finished in the house. Mostly because Mr. Rogue and I never went use this bathroom. It is between the two Jack & Jill bedrooms on the second floor. The nursery is one of the rooms that connect to this bathroom. This bathroom was designed as the kid’s bathroom and it is the only space in the house that has a fun colored tile. The rest of the bathrooms and in fact the whole house is a very subdued tan, white cream and chocolate wood motif. Even though this bathroom does feel cohesive with the rest of the house the blue pop of glass tile make this bathroom unique and a little bit more fun.



So blue was the color I had to work with in this bathroom and my mother actually was the catalyst for the theme for this bathroom. She gifted me with a handmade sea shell mirror and a box full of shells. So with the gifts, with us living in LALA land near the beach I decided on a beach themed bathroom.

I spent months keeping my eye out for beach themed things to decorate the bathroom with picking up one thing here or there as I scoured the stores of LALA land looking to decorate the house. I particularly love the vase I use to hold extra toilet paper rolls and the glass blown fish I picked up at some random artists table I saw in Venice.


My favorite part however was creating the collage wall of art. A mix of custom painted pieces from Etsy, Mr. Rogue and my photography and of course my mother’s sea shell mirror gift.

I expect sometime in the near future this bathroom will be a chaotic mess of children’s bath toys and little towels left on the floor but for now it is a fun and clean space. I really loved how this powder room turned out.



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paul peggy zeus said...

Every single room in your home is exquisite, and this one is no exception.

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