Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Florida: Until Someone Loses

Of course while I was visiting my parents we broke out the games. Our favorite right now is Pegs & Jokers, a cross between Parcheesi and Sorry. This time my parents friends were in town, the more people you get playing this game, the more backstabbing and killing and FUN you have. I cannot even remember how many hours we played most nights I was there. We played a ton of games when I was a kid with the family. It always brings a warm fuzzy feeling of happiness when I play… until I start losing then I get angry!




Its all fun and games until someone goes to use the bathroom and leaves the baby on the edge of the table. Thankfully my Little Cricket had plenty of people watching out for him.


Most nights we would end with games and mom even treated us once with her super yummy offer to make Bread Pudding. Her friend had never had it and our jaw dropped. This dessert was a staple growing up in our house. So we all headed to my parents’s RV and hung out while it cooked. DELICUOS!



And then one night my mom noticed that the Night Cactus sitting right outside the community center might be ready to bloom. This is one that only blooms at night and by morning the flower is gone. This particular cactus opens its flowers so bats can pollinate the plants. It is such a fascinating relationship nature has, the more I learn the more I love. Using my Mark we were able to get some pretty incredible photos. I adore this camera’s ability to take photos in low light conditions!




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paul peggy zeus said...

We sure had a wonderful time playing games, and what a treat that the night cactus actually was in bloom just for you! It was kind of funny how all four of us immediately reached for the baby when you got up from the table.

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