Thursday, August 1, 2013

Florida: Time to Go Home

It was so much fun visiting the parents and seeing them interact with the baby. I do talk to them often, as often as I can, but nothing beats spending time together. It never feels like enough time, always I am leaving too soon. Today was no exception however I was excited to do three things.

1. Escape Floridas awful humidity
2. Sleep in my bed, MY BED! My fabulous temperpedic bed. It was waiting for me.
3. See Mr. Rogue, who was falling to pieces without us

So we drove to the airport, eyes looking at the huge storm clouds racing us. I got a quick hug goodbye and then my Little Cricket got smothered with kisses.



Thankfully I will get to see my mother in a little over a month and a half for our trip to see my grandmother up-North. And then we will be spending Thanksgiving with my family in November. So more fun visits were right around the corner.

I really wasn’t looking forward to traveling home. I was already tired and we just begun the 9 hour door to door day. The lines, the stress of traveling with my Little Cricket, the extra baggage and responsibility was all just exhausting. Thankfully my boy is an awesome traveler, at least at two months he is, and I hope he stays that way. We have quite a few more plane flights in our future.



My Little Cricket ended up sleeping most of the way. I blogged for a while and when I started getting too tired I grabbed up the really interesting book I am reading hoping to keep myself from falling asleep. Oh how I wished I could have taken a nap as well. At least we managed to snag a whole row again on the plane so I was comfy. And the views out of the window I always enjoy!



Finally we made it LALA land. Mr. Rogue met us in baggage claim and I almost cried with joy. I was TOTALLY SPENT and I could now give over my Little Cricket to his daddy’s care. Im going to bed for days and days and days.


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paul peggy zeus said...

I've never seen Mr. Rogue smile so big! Oh my goodness he missed you guys a bunch! But now I MISS YOU!

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