Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Florida: A Bugs Eye View of the Creepy Crawly Things

Again I will say it over and over and over, it was so hot in Florida. Although we spent the majority of our time indoors cuddled up close with our best friend (the air conditioner) we did venture out sometimes. It was like amnesia set in, let’s go do something, and I am all happy getting ready, that is until we step outside and I REMEMBER how hot it actually is. Anyways we took a few walks through the super large park. Not our long rambling walks we usually take but at least we got our butts outside.


I simply loved all the tortoises. This park does a pretty good job of protecting the nests of these little guys. The tortoise is surprisingly fast and every time we would see one they would just zip back into their hole so fast. Thanks to a heads up from my dad I managed to get one stubborn little guy who stayed outside a full two minutes and actually let me take a few photos before showing me his behind.



There was a pond in the park that we visited once. It had a few fish and an alligator that kept pretty far from the doc. We were hoping he would come closer but he kept his distance. It was near dusk and my parents have heard the barred owl here. Sadly he didn’t want to come out and play the entire time I visited. I did however get to see some dragon flies.






Although there were a few dragonflies at the back pond, my mom and I found quite a few beautiful ones in the front pond by where we took photos of the Tri-colored Heron. There was a spot that had a few straggly sticks in the water that was a favorite stopping place. Normally I am trying to get photographs of dragonflies among twigs and grass all getting in the way. These perches were perfect to get nice clear shots. My mom and I just sat and waited for them to come and land.





Most of the creepy crawly things, and not so creepy crawly like the butterflies were taken at the botanical gardens. Bring in the plants and you bring in all kinds of fun stuff for those of us that look. My mom and I spent a good hour in the butterfly garden. A garden teaming with flowers planted especially to attract butterflies. Unfortunately for my mother and I these flowers like SUN, so there wasn’t any shade while we were taking our photos. So imagine us, trying to hold up heavy cameras and heavy lenses in the blazing hot sun running from flower to flower trying to capture a photo of these beautiful, never wanting to land, butterflies. I am sure some think I am crazy and maybe I am a little, but it is so crazy beautiful to get that perfect photo and be in love as much as I am with my hobby.











In the butterfly garden we also found those that like to eat the bugs that come in for the flowers. AKA spiders. One was super big, about the size of the palm of my hand. And creepily it was about the exact height to my eyes. Not necessarily what you want to walk into by any means but SUPER fun to photo! The second spider was super super tiny, I almost missed it. Let me reiterate, I am NOT a fan of spiders and bugs however you cannot look at them through a lens and not see the beauty. Their colors, how delicate they are, the fact that they have eyes and legs. To see them zoomed through my lens, a part of their tiny world, they are beautiful.



Also at the botanical gardens there was a pond and there must have been a billion turtles in there. Most of them were the red checked turtles but there were a few snappers. We don’t discriminate when we take photos, big, small, creepy crawly or swimming in the water. All make perfect fodder for our lenses.





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paul peggy zeus said...

I was going to name all the photos, but I'll just tell you the first dragonfly is a halloween pennant, the butterflies are a peacock, a monarch, the I'm not sure, Gulf Fritellary, a Yellow Sulpher, an Eastern Yellow Swallowtail and a Zebra Longwing are the last two. The spiders are a Garden Spider (creepy but harmless) and an Orchard Spider. LOVE YOU!

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