Sunday, July 28, 2013

Florida: First Time Pool Time

Florida was FRIGGING HOT. Not just hot as in temperature but muggy. Seriously, close your eyes and imagine a damp bug infested swampy sauna. I love Florida in the winter, but Florida in the summer is so not my cup of tea. Only when the sun goes down, and the humitiy takes a tiny break is it tolerable. Oh that and when you are in the pool – preferably in the pool after the sun goes down!


Since it was so hot we spent quite a bit of time at one of the two pools at the campground. My Little Cricket got his first little dips in the pool. He wasn’t super thrilled with lot of smiles like I hoped he would be. It was more like he was just tolerating the dip in the pool. However I guess on the positive side he didn’t flip out or scream.






I didn’t keep him in the pool long though. He is only 2 months old and cannot wear sunscreen yet. When he wasn’t in the pool with us he was chilling out in his car seat ‘next to the pool’. However even that he would only tolerate for so long. I am not a huge pool person, or a person that can handle the sun for long either so we would hang out for an hour or so before heading back indoors.




Mom and I left the baby with dad a couple of times so we could enjoy the pool and not worry. I tell you the constant catter of worry spinning in my head:

‘Is the baby too hot’

‘Is the baby too cold’

Is he…. Hungry, got a dirty diaper, getting too much sun, being attacked by bugs.

The list goes on and on and on. So it was nice to just take a break, dip in the pool with mom and relax for a minute before jumping back into momhood.


I rented a little cabin while I was there. None of us are sleeping very good right now and with a baby it was much easier to have my own place. I could nurse when I had to, be up when I had to and sleep in even if I could manage. Of course I didn’t bring a crib for my little cricket so he slept where ever was convenient. At night he slept with me in bed but since I was SO WORRIED of rolling over and smooshing him I wanted to put him in something. My mom came up with the laundry basket which was perfect. It was mesh and therefore breathable and I could kind of tuck down one corner to be as close to my baby as possible. It ended up working perfectly.


During the day he slept on laps, in the boppy (which I did bring on our trip and was SO THANKFUL I had it) or simply on a blanket on the floor. Thank goodness at this age he wasn’t mobile yet, it makes it a bunch easier.


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paul peggy zeus said...

This time of year we tend to "live" in the pool. It's even too hot to sit outside in the shade! I like to say, "A few dips a day keeps the heat away"!

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