Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Be Careful Crocs Bite

I wanted to keep my Wednesday appointment. In fact I kept toggling back and forth about it. My mom group meets Wednesdays and I am trying hard to form connections with these women. I have a friend in town I only get to see about once a year, however for the next two weeks I would miss out on my Wednesday picnics with these women because I will be in Florida. In the end I decided to go and Mrs. Dancer along with Ms. Ivy would do a little shopping while I was busy for two hours.

Before that however we hit up the farmers market for some yummy produce. We were too late to get any berries (those go super fast) so we plan on getting there earlier next time we go. But we did get some fantastic peaches and of course the honey dates I am obsessed with.

We had just enough time before I needed to head off to swing by the Croc store. My little green house crocs were sadly beaten up and I wanted to look into getting a replacement pair. Plus Ms. Ivy was on her way to China for three weeks and was looking for a good casual walking shoe she could use while touring. We both found what we were looking for. I got a fun pair of plum purple crocs. Ms. Ivy found a pair of comfy elasticity sandals with little silver bits to attach all the straps. Sadly one of the silver pieces on the pair she had in her hand was defective, without realizing it she sliced her little finger right open. Of course they didn’t have a band aide in any of the THREE first aid kits they brought out. We had to make do with some napkins and a little tape.

Lesson Learned: Crocs Bite


Sticking up the middle finger in this instance, she did in fact hurt her middle finger, was like getting to say “The Damn Store” when we were kids.



My girls took themselves off for some lunch and shopping and I walked out to the park to meet my moms group. As an added bonus I got a nice mile walk in! But when I got there right on time there wasn’t anyone there. So I waited… 10 minutes go by…. 20 minutes go by. I was so aggravated that I had made the commitment to come when I had a guest in town and that no one showed up. I know I shouldn’t take it personally. It wasn’t like I was picked last for kickball, but for some reason it felt like I was being rejected. I knew in fact that being a new mom is just hard and the women probably just got wrapped up in their own life today, but it still hurt.




So I packed up and turned to walk away. It had been 25 minutes, no one was coming, and then a few steps away I spotted two of the moms heading toward me. Hurrah SUCCESS. We sat and ate and chatted for an hour. One of the new moms had this fantastic little peanut butter power ball. When she told me the ingredients I was intrigued but sometimes healthy food tastes like cardboard. Imagine my super happy surprise that it was DELICIOUS. Like I need to have the recipe and go home to make them right this second. Don’t worry I will share son.


Little Baby Bear, she is 8 months, was all over the place. She was so curious about the food and the other moms and babies. Isn’t she just PRECIOUS!!!


My Little Cricket still doesn’t have his shots yet so I am careful about letting anyone get too close. One more week and I won’t have to worry as much.


I left a little earlier than I would have liked but it was time to meet back up with my girls.


Jennifer Arens said...

It pains me to say that being stood up will happen several times..... It is maddening though! Glad you were able to meet for a bit!

paul peggy zeus said...

Meeting other new mommies was a great idea!

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