Thursday, July 11, 2013

BBBS 64: Color Me Mine

Today my little sister from Big Brothers Big Sisters got to meet my son. Her mom has a bunch of kids, some of them pretty small, so she has more experience than most girls her age. For todays activity we decided to do Color Me Mine. A pottery place where you can choose something to paint and then pick it up later all fired and glazed.


I have always walked by but I have never been. Being an artist I was super excited to try it. I haven’t painted pottery since high school. We all picked our pieces. I selected a flying pig, my little picked a snoopy, her twin selected a mom mug and Ms. Ivy selected a mug.


Then came the long process of deciding what to do. A completely white blank canvas can be pretty intimidating. Ms. Ivy decided to do a I Love Xolo mug. Ms. Little wanted to try to do a girl snoopy as a gift to her little sister for her birthday. And her twin painted an Aztec themed mug for her mom using some cool stencils.


Once everyone had their colors picked out and decided what they wanted to do I finally started to think about what I wanted to do with my flying pig. I thought about doing a Van Gogh Starry Night themed pig but in the end just decided to go with a sky and fire with a few birds completely random theme. Of course since I got such a late start I finished last, but Ms. Ivy was there to take care of my Little Cricket while I put on the finishing touches.



Once we turned in our finished pieces to get fired we headed downstairs to Islands to get something for lunch. We had some super delicious burgers and talked about Ms. Little’s family moving later in the month. They are getting out of the area that they are in, which is the worst in LA, and they are moving to a much nicer, if not further away city. It’s still driveable but it sucks because it is on the opposite side of Los Angeles than me. Traffic is going to suck seeing her but well worth the effort.


Every time Ms. Ivy comes into town we make sure to include Ms. Little in one of our days. Part of the program is to include your little into your family and friends lives. Show them a different perspective on relationships. My little and her sister adore Ms. Ivy.

I was super happy to hear about how much my little loves me. She has aspirations of becoming a big one day. And the cycle of giving will continue. She just melts my heart!

Of course Ms. Little loved my Little Cricket. She is such a sweet little girl!



Jennifer Arens said...

Great job! That pottery thing looks cool!

paul peggy zeus said...

What a cute idea. The pottery almost didn't show up when it was white. Like the new flying Piggy Bank!

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