Wednesday, August 7, 2013

BBBS 65: Checking Out the New Diggs

My Little and I have been matched for almost five years and in that time she has moved three times. This time she moved clear across to the other side of Los Angeles which is a total pain with traffic. However I am super excited for her because they moved from one of the worst areas in LALA land to something so much better. Instead of a crowded little apartment in a crappy area they are now in an adorable three bedroom house with a nice backyard and a beautiful little neighborhood.


I drove over to of course check out the new house but also to drop off my Little’s Color Me Mine pottery we did last month. They came out so super cute! Ms. Little painted a snoopy for her sisters birthday, and her sister painted a coffee mug for her mom. They were so happy to finally see them after it being ‘forever’ Ahhh a child’s timeline!


After hanging out a bit at their place we headed over to Target to get a few things, mostly a new backpack for school. Both girls will be starting at the high school and being the new kids they won’t know anyone. Looking cool plays into confidence and my mom always got us a new backpack every year. Plus with the move I knew that their mom wouldn’t have much to spare for school supplies, which meant no backpack for a few months. So we went and got one and while we were there we also picked up a few other school supplies. These girls, these twins, are so different. My little is girly and totally matched with me appropriately, we have the same taste in things. Her sister however is a tomboy. Their choices made me smile!


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paul peggy zeus said...

I love that you take care of this family, it's like you've adopted the entire group. It's odd to me how very different these two twins are!

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