Saturday, July 20, 2013

Auntie Sweetie Cannot Resist the Baby Clothes Either, It Must be Genetic!

This morning I made breakfast plans with my cousin Ms. Sweetie and then last minute I decided to leave the baby with Mr. Rogue. I have to dip my toes in the water and go out in little spurts occasionally and a quick hour breakfast was a perfect little dip. Of course I took her to my new favorite place a little crepe place around the corner from my house that I went with Mr. Rogue a few weeks ago.

I was tempted to get the same thing as I got last time, the mushroom and guyere buckwheat crepe, however there were so many delicious things to choose on the menu that I had to try something else. Again I got a savory crepe; prosciutto, feta, artichoke and olive. OH MY WORD. It was super-duper delicious, and now I love two things here! Ms. Sweetie got the potato, bacon and some cheese I had never heard of that was pretty good and then we ordered an apple sweet crepe to split. Sigh I love love love this place.


After breakfast we headed back to the house for a little baby love. Ms. Sweetie held my Little Cricket from the second we walked into the door until the time she left. And then she gave me some adorable little outfits. I have been looking for rompers and she found a few and just couldn’t help herself. I know how it feels girl; I can’t stop shopping for him either!



Oh and then just because, Mr. Rogue and I decided to skip the dinner we planned to cook and instead use the gift certificate my parents sent for Mr. Rogue’s birthday. Because going out to eat once today just wasn’t enough. Besides we both wanted steak!



Becky said...

Mmm... you're making me hungry :) ...for food and shopping.

Becky said...
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paul peggy zeus said...

so many yummy crepes at this place. Thanks, Sweetie for getting those super cute rompers! Love you!

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