Sunday, August 4, 2013

A Little Much Deserved Break

I scheduled a massage three weeks ago and was looking forward to this day with more excitement than I did when I found out a book store was opening around the corner from my house. My back has been tweaking out like crazy. In fact it’s been bugging me so much that I called my doctor. Of course it is natural, all my ab muscles got annihilated growing the tiny human, so my back has overcompensated. That along with the constant bending, lifting, changing and feeding my Little Cricket have made me so SORE. So I scheduled an appointment with my favorite masseuse and then proceeded to WAIT. Since I had to go on a Saturday so Mr. Rogue could watch the baby my options of appointment choices were limited. Yup my masseuse is that good.

I left for the spa a little worried. But I kissed my husband and my son goodbye and drove to the spa. I told myself on the way that I was going to enjoy this. And enjoy it I did. By the end of my massage my back felt like the old me. It is so magical what a great massage can do to your outlook on life.

I didn’t end up sticking around afterwards like I normally do, all I wanted was to get home to my baby. From leaving to arriving back home I was gone three hours and all my worry was for nothing, my Little Cricket slept the whole time. The whole operation was a complete success!

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paul peggy zeus said...

Hurrah for getting a break and spoiling yourself!

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