Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The Importance of Rituals

Us girls, we like to do things to celebrate being fabulous and together. Part of getting together with Mrs. Dancer, Ms. Ivy and I includes yummy food. Our go to place is the Cheesecake Factory. They have such a big menu and we just love to eat the bread and ranch. Over the years our favorite dishes may have changed but the feel good aura of sitting together at the table surrounded by yummy food and good friends.






I am still not comfortable breastfeeding in public but I do like to make sure that I try to feed my baby breast milk all the time. As a compromise I just make sure to prepare bottles before I go anywhere that way I am not stuck at home and I don't have to try and feed the baby in public. My Little Cricket is the best baby, he will usually give me a half hour window to get his food ready which usually gives me enough time to get whatever I am doing done and get the bottle ready before he starts getting pissed.


After we get nice and full off way too much food we roll over to Ross, a super discounted chain where you have to dig for a good fine. We tend to try on the whole entire store starting with the shoes and emerge hours and hours later. This time Mrs. Dancer and Ms. Ivy went to two different Ross store before we went out to eat and then we went to the third Ross after our late lunch. I figured with my Little Cricket I could only handle about 3 hours or so of shopping. By splitting up the epicness I was able to at least go for part of the shopping.

And I scored two fabulous dresses, a pair of shoes and even some Calvin Klein onuses for my Little Cricket.


After shopping and eating and shopping some more we kind of melted into the family room chairs and didn't really move for the rest of the night. We talked, we cooed over the baby and then we watched 'Cabin in the Woods'. Great movie with a cool twist on the usual scary movie. Plus it is always super fun to watch a scary movie with Mrs. Dancer, she actually does little girl squeals and jumps in her seat when the scary parts happen.


paul peggy zeus said...

Three of my favorite women on the planet!

Jennifer Arens said...

You're go with the flow, so is baby :-)

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