Sunday, July 7, 2013

Sunday Skinny: And it’s Time to Get on the Horse Again

I am finally feeling like my body is my own again. Sure I still have aches and pains from my caesarean but since I am now officially cleared to at least walk I figured it was time to start to slowly try again to create a healthy lifestyle. I struggle with two major problems. I binge eat. I eat when I am sad, I closet myself in my house, I don’t open the curtains, I cry and I eat large quantities of things that are terrible for me. I suffer from a personality that sees things as only black and white. Only good or bad. Only success or failure. There is no grey, there is no mediocre, so I am either being healthy or I am being unhealthy. Unfortunately I am healthy for weeks and then something happens to derail me. Instead of giving up on that day or even that meal I instead see myself as a failure and I give up.

Since I found out I was pregnant with my Little Cricket I have only binge eaten once, two weeks ago when I got blindsided by too much negative emotion. Other than that one hiccup I have been happy, so happy to be pregnant and now so happy to have my healthy little boy. And that happiness has translated in taking better care of myself.


My goal initially is to get back on track with making healthier choices in what I eat. I find using Livestrong, a calorie tracking software on my phone, helps me tremendously to be accountable for what food I put into my body. By having to write down everything I find myself eating less and by entering in what I want to eat I often find myself cutting down on portions or eating something healthier to make sure I stay within my daily calorie goal. Going to the Farmers Market twice a week and making sure my cupboard if full of good for me snacks is going to help. Also I always find it easier to be healthier in the summer.



My second goal is to get out and walk at least four times a week. I am still not cleared by my OBGYN to use my elliptical which would make getting in exercise often easier. I will be cleared in a few more weeks. So I actually need to take my Little Cricket out to a park, bust out the stroller and use my pedometer. A little harder for sure as a new mom but totally doable.


By the end of this week, even walking slow, even by not going very far I was hurting. Basically I have been sitting on a couch for months and this was the first real exercise I had allowed myself. I took a bunch of hot showers and did quite a bit of stretching but I realize it is going to take some time to get my stamina back up to where it used to be. Despite the pain I was also very proud.

Welcome back Sunday Skinny. Time to kick fats ass!


Jess said...

You can do it! Love that you are back on the horse! Looking forward to some future walks and swim time when you are back! xoxo

paul peggy zeus said...

Way to go! Healthy eating and exercise will make you strong, healthy and happy for years to come.

Jennifer Arens said...

I seem to have the same issue of eating, but mainly out of convenience! I don't want to cook a whole spread of goodies for just me. Lilman will try all things but I have to remember he should have a say in dinner too :-). I'm lucky he loves tomatoes! I've recently discovered he is more of a raw food guy instead of a cooked food guy. So that has become a slight issue....phases :-)

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