Wednesday, June 26, 2013

My New Wednesday Jam

I am going to try to go to the Farmers Market twice a week. Because the fruits and vegetables are organic, and ripe they just don’t last a whole week. Plus as an added bonus a Farmers Market is a great place to take a baby aka I get to get out of the house. Developing a schedule early on I hope will stop me from going stir crazy. I found a market near my home last week that operates on a Sunday that I really liked so my goal was to find one that was good that I could visit on Wednesday or Thursday.

The biggest Farmers Market in Los Angeles operates in Santa Monica. It is huge, and on Wednesday, but I was worried about parking and the crowds. However since it is only a few blocks from the weekly moms picnic I was hoping to go to every week I thought it would be the perfect combo. So I decided to go and try it.

But then Mrs. Dancer’s parents are in town, and since Mrs. Dancer and I have known each other since we were 12, and since I spent a good amount of time with her parents, I call them mom and dad too. So I invited them along with me and we had a family funday at the market.



Going to the farmers market is fun, going to the giant farmers market is Santa Monica is even better, watching Mrs. Dancers parents get super excited over every single vending stand was the best. In fact since they were with us it took twice as long as I thought it would wandering around, but I also ended up trying and getting a few things I probably would have passed by. Like the date stand, generally I am not a huge fan of dates, but these dates… these dates were INCREDIBLE.



The dates weren’t the only thing we tried and bought because it was so tasty. We also couldn’t resist the Sugar Peaches. I got to try my first mulberry too. A little bitter for me but pretty tasty. And then we ran into the LARGEST artichokes I have ever seen, some of them were even in flower that you could buy for decorations. Mrs. Dancer just adores artichokes, she ran over and started filling her arms. Probably one of the happiest faces I have ever seen.






Mrs. Dancer’s dad is the reason that I love fedora hats so much. I think the ONLY time I ever saw her dad without one was her actual wedding day. The man always has a different one on. So in celebration of him I made sure my Little Cricket was wearing one today. They looked so cute together.


I wanted to grab something other than fruit and veggies for the picnic with the moms later so we swung by the hummus place on the promenade. Originally I was just going to run in and grab a to go bag but in the end everyone wanted some. And then my Little Cricket was hungry too. A hot glass of water warmed up his pumped milk I brought and we were all happy.



I said goodbye to Mrs. Dancer and her parents and walked to the meetup place. I was hoping that this time the moms would actually be there. HURRAH they were. I laid out my blanket, introduced myself and a few other moms joined over the next half hour. All in all we had eight moms with babies ranging from 7 weeks to a year old. This group is exactly what I wanted. Other moms trying to figure it out for the first time, moms we could compare classes with, and talk about clogged tear ducts and poop consistency.



We all just laid our little ones out, grabbed a few bites of food in between feedings and diaper changes, and talked. I asked before taking photos of the group and I didn’t get too many, I am trying not to scare them and my love of all things photography and photo documentation needs to be supressed a few weeks until they get used to me. Seems like a few of the other women also blog to keep in touch with their families from far away too. So soon we can even branch out in our conversations from babies to blogs!


My wisdom nugget of the day was a conversation we had about the dads, about not nitpicking how they do things, about how we as women need to let them find their own way of doing things. I have been thinking about it for a while and its true. I tell Mr. Rogue what to do and therefore he doesn’t get to do things his own unique way. So I have been trying to step back, and give him room to figure out how to be a daddy as I am trying to figure out how to be a mommy. If the baby ends up in a non-matching outfit, or if his bath misses a step the baby is still going to be ok.

I cannot wait until next week.


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