Saturday, July 6, 2013

Ms. Ivy is HERE

I always wanted a sister and I am thankful to have three. Perhaps not sisters by blood but sisters by choice, and let me tell you choosing your sister is so much than just ending up with one by genetic lottery. Ms. Ivey flew into town last night, to see me, to see my Little Cricket and to rejoice the new changes in my life. She was there to help me get an A on my 6th Grade project, she was there at my high school graduation, she was there when I graduated college, she was there when I met Mr. Rogue and she was there at my wedding. Friends like this continue to be there, through thick and thin, and I so appreciate her being able to be here now!


Her visit was going to be different. Of course it had to be since I now had a little person to take care of. So we didn’t go crazy with plans, in fact I didn’t plan too much preferring to go with the flow. As a new mom, going with the flow, is becoming my new mode of operation. As a planner, as a person who loves to fit as much fun into a day as possible, going with the flow is somewhat awkward. But we worked it out. Today I had a friend throwing a little BBQ, she told me to bring the baby, and since he isn’t mobile yet I decided we would pop by for a little while.




Normally I would have gone all out and baked something or made something from scratch. Going with the flow again I opted to bring something a little easier. Ms. Ivy suggested a cheese tray and some yummy assorted olives. As a bonus I got to use my slate cheese plate, where you can write in chalk what the various cheeses are. Perhaps not the best thing to bring to a party that is outside on a hot day but it was super easy and it ended up being a hit with the guests.


I am not too comfortable breastfeeding in public, and I don’t know if I ever will be, so in the effort of feeding my Little Cricket only breast milk I pumped to bring enough for the party. An added bonus was that I could therefore have a little alcohol. OH how one little glass of white wine hit me. After 11 months of virtually NO alcohol I felt like it was my first glass of wine. Add a second glass and I had to cut myself off. Pretty weak!



I had to smile when the bocce ball set came out. I used to play it with both my parents and my grandmother. They were pros, I was a rookie compared. But since I am good at pool and have played bocce ball I thought I could wipe out the competition. I failed miserably. So miserably I regretted talking smack and taunting my competitor that I was going to beat him. SIGH. I blame the alcohol.



All in all we had a really good time. I love the precious face time I get with Ms. Ivy when she is here. It’s funny how we seem to pick up right where we left off. When I picked her up from the airport it was like she ran into a store for a moment to grab a pack of gum. Like she was only gone for a moment, she slides into the passenger seat and we simply pick up our conversation again like a whole year hadn’t gone by since we actually saw each other last. I wish I had more friends like her, friends that are sisters. For now I am thankful that Ms. Ivy is here.



We made it home just in time to spend a few minutes with Mr. Rogue and his friend that also flew in from out of town. I know two out of town guests the same weekend wasn’t ideal but this was the only weekend that worked out for everyone. The boys had plans to go out for dinner and some drinks and Ms. Ivy and I were staying at home with the baby. Mr. Rogue however broke out his oh so beloved Habanero Flavored Tequila he made himself. They made some pretty strong margaritas, totally not my drink of choice, but boy ho boy was Mr. Rogue happy.




paul peggy zeus said...

Hello, Ms Ivy, have a wonderful time while in LA LA Land!

Jennifer Arens said...

I want to visit!!!!!

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