Friday, July 5, 2013

Making New Mom Friends

For every phase in our life we have people that become especially important. Transitions such as having a baby have left me wanting to connect with other women. In an effort to make more mom friends, women that I can discuss all things baby, women who are also first time moms with a child about the same age as mine, I joined a mom group. We meet on Wednesdays for a picnic and although I have only attended twice I have already found this space to be a great place of support. So I was super excited when one of the moms texted me asking if I wanted to get together for a walk. She is a first time mom with a daughter only a week older than my Little Cricket.

With little ones its sometimes hard to get out the door so we just set a meeting time around 12:30. I headed down to Santa Monica a little early. I have wanted a new pair of tennis shoes since mine are older and losing their bounce. I went to Foot Locker on the Promenade and traded my old shoes full of countless miles for a shiny new pair. A pair of shoes that is specific for walkers. Look mom your favorite color… PURPLE!


Finally my mom friend and I after texting back and forth managed to met in the park and we walked. At least we tried to walk. With two little babies we needed to take a ton of breaks in between. Breaks for breast feeding, and diaper changes and just to check that the little cherubs were happy. It was the first time I was out with someone else that I wasn’t too worried about inconveniencing the other person; because she got it. She knew exactly how it felt and how I feel about having to take care of the baby first regardless of a schedule.




Between the stopping, in those spaces when we were actually walking we chatted about anything and everything baby but also about ourselves. These groups are as much to socialize our little ones as to let us women feel connected to others in our unique moment in time. Sure I have family and friends with kids and I have family and friends without kids but there is something about talking with someone who is at the same stage as you. We exchanged so much information.




I even busted out a little bit more of me on our walk. I swiped out my camera as often as I normally do. She was surprised that I take so many photos but it’s the way I am. I love it. Photography has shown me to ‘see’ in a whole new way. I couldn’t separate it from my life if I tried. And if I am making new friends they have to learn to love that part of me… or at least tolerate it. After the first initial surprise she even got into the fun of it and pointed out the guy in a tree. Not often you see someone hanging out UP.





We had such a great time that we both promised to get together again soon. Yay mom friends!


Jess said...

YAY new mom friends!

paul peggy zeus said...

Purple tennies....ooooohhh ahhhh! Nice to meet people your own age in the same similar situation to bounce ideas off of. Go MOMMA!

Jennifer Arens said...

That is the definition of a wonderful day. Isnt it crazy cool the newness of our priorities?

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