Sunday, July 7, 2013

It’s All Fun and Games Until Someone Loses an Eye

Mrs. Dancer invited Ms. Ivy and I to her new place today for a BBQ lunch. Ms. Ivy hadn’t seen her new place yet and we wanted to spend more time with Mrs. Dancer’s parents who were also visiting from out of town. So we packed up my Little Cricket and we headed out the door. Can I just say it is SO MUCH EASIER to get a baby ready to go out with a helper. Ms. Ivy has been awesome.



It was super cool because when we got there the boys were in the kitchen and the girls were hanging out in the family room. Usually I like to help cook but it was nice to just sit back and relax, kicking up our feet and cooing over the baby. With five women my Little Cricket had lots of faces to smile up into.



Lunch started with a super yummy roasted tomato salsa. It came from a can but I couldn’t help but think that I could try to make this from scratch so I could curb some of the flavors more to my taste. Possibly an idea to tackle soon for my recipe book I am still working on. We also had roasted veggies and steak. And you know what I am not a huge fan of steak. Filet Mignon is about the only red meat I like but I thought to try the obviously not filet (can’t remember the name of it right now)… it was SO GOOD. It helped that it was perfectly cooked. Mr. Rogue is going to be so proud I tried it and I liked it!

I brought dessert. Again I didn’t bake something, totally not my style, but with an out of town guest and a brand new baby I needed to spend all my spare time sleeping. So I went to Bristol Farms a fancy market, and I got a lemon cream pie. I had a slice (it was ok but mine is so much better), not exactly good for watching what I ate for my Sunday Skinnies, but at least I left the rest of the pie at the Dancers.



One thing I love about the Dancers new condo, aside from the kick butt pool, is the amount of light it gets. All day it is flooded with the most beautiful light. Aside from being beautiful it makes it the perfect place to take photos. In my house I have to follow the light from room to room. In the morning the nursery gets beautiful light, in the afternoon the living room, and at dusk my master suite. But in her place you can sit in the family room all day and take photos. I am jealous!



About a year ago Mrs. Dancer started to get into photography and bought an SLR. She has taken some classes and has been practicing and is getting really good. The best part I now have a buddy to talk photography with as well as take photos with. It’s so much fun!


Poor Ms. Ivy doesn’t share our love of photography. Really I cannot see why, it is maybe because we take our cameras everywhere and we take photos of everything. A building, our tickets, self-portraits galore and every single thing we eat. Mostly she just tries to dive in and join the photo taking fun, she has even pointed out a few photo opportunities I may have forgotten or missed (which is a sign of her true love). Sometimes she is just barely tolerating it like when the photography might slightly overshadow the fun of the moment for her. And then other times I am sure we are a royal pain in the toe!

“It has actually gotten to the point where I enjoy my food luke warm. And if I eat food hot it now burns my mouth.” – Ms. Ivy


In some moments she will actually let me play. Today I told her I wanted a really nice photo of her. So I made her stand by the window, she smiled for the first 20 photos. But then I asked her to get on her knees. She gave in because sometimes it is easier than fighting. And then she started to get a little over smiling. It was so funny I just kept shooting rapid fire shots. Ahhhh she loves me!



After Mrs. Dancer and I sat down in exhaustion, taking hundreds of photos is tiring work we just relaxed and chatted. Mrs. Dancer’s parents live in Hilton Head and I don’t get to see them often. I grew up constantly over their house and I even call them mom and dad. It was lazy, it was relaxed, and then Mr. Dancer started making goofy faces at the baby and we were all rolling in laughter. My Little Cricket was a little confused by the funny faces Mr. Dancer was making but soon he was smiling too.





By the time we were ready to go I was pretty tired. But not too tired to raid Mrs. Dancers books. I was a veracious reader pre-baby and I am hoping to continue my love of reading. I am not sure if I will find time to read anytime soon but I am being optimistic!


After a quick nap at home Ms. Ivy and I headed out for a little adult time. I left my Little Cricket with Mr. Rogue and Ms. Ivy and I caught a movie at the mall around the corner from my house. It was awesome to get out and just watch a movie. We opted to see ‘The Heat’ and although it didn’t get fantastic reviews we thought it was HILARIOUS!



Of course when you are with one of your best friends everything is funny. Speaking of funny Ms. Ivy bought me something from the concession stand. I picked the pretzel, you know cuz its healthy, and what I got wasn’t the normal giant pretzel twist that you normally see at movie theaters. NOPE this one was a long pointed stick and it came with three speciality dipping sauces. The Landmark is FANCY people.

Of course it’s all fun and games until someone loses an eye. We are such children.



Jess said...

YAY Family Photography Fun Time!

paul peggy zeus said...

So many fantastic photos in this post! Loved that smile when you were shooting Ms Ivy! The hilarious shot of Mr Dancer making goo goo eyes at cricket, and that last photo of you! LOL!

Jennifer Arens said...

Sounds like a great day all around! I wanted to see that movie too, I'll take my grandma friend :-)

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