Thursday, June 27, 2013

Home & Garden: The Master Bathroom & Mistress Closet

When I was looking at homes two years ago, my realtor took me to see a gem. I saw this house and from the moment I walked in I fell head over heels in love, however nothing quite sealed the deal for me like the master suite. It was perfect, large with a kick butt bathroom and a gigantic closet – a gigantic closet I wanted all to myself but begrudgingly now share with Mr. Rogue. You can see the Master Bedroom post here.

So our beautiful spacious, full of light and love master bathroom with its three head shower system and super deep Jacuzzi tub. Filled with marble tile, even on the walls and a his and her sink. I swoon!



My all-time favorite artist is Vincent Van Gogh and one of my most loved of his art is his Almond Blossoms 1890. This painting, which I bought a print of especially for this bathroom also has a special meaning to me, it was painted to celebrate Vincent’s birth of his nephew and represents awakening and hope. At the time of its purchase all I wanted was a child and we could always use a burst of awakening and hope. Every morning when I get up to use the restroom I see this painting flooded with the light this bathroom gets in the early morning. It brings me so much happiness!


Personal mementos and photos complete the limited amount of decoration in this bathroom. In our personal space of our bedroom, closet and bathroom I love to pepper photos of us. I am not a huge fan of personal photos smeared all over a home. I know so people love it but it’s just not my style. I like less clutter and picture frames in my mind are too personal to have in public rooms of the house. So in our master suite we have many photos of our wedding, of some of our happiest times as a couple and photos of close family and friends. A picture frame given to me by Mrs. Pool Shark for my wedding gift sits next to my sink.


Mr. Rogue and I have collected sand from Mr. Rogue and my various beach destination vacations and display them on a small shelf. There is also one of my favorite photos of Mr. Rogue and myself on our honeymoon in a vintage silver picture frame on the shelf. We look so in love, tan, relaxed, well rested and happy it always brings a smile to my face.



A few figures from our travels line the half wall and I smile seeing them thinking about all our fun vacations. And I used a golden pop of color that bring out the accents in the painting and the marble floors with the towels and flowers between our his and her sinks.




A personal, soothing, calming space that I love!

For the Mistress closet (it really is a much more appropriate name than a master closet since let’s be honest this space is mostly MINE) function and organization were key. I mean it is a closet after all. However I still wanted it to be pretty, and well it was almost as large as a room anyways. A beautiful organization system was already installed when we moved in but the closet was also large enough to handle putting in our dresser. So I just added a few things; a bench so we could sit and put on shoes, hooks for my purses, boxes with photos on them to organize my shoes, an antique Christmas tree ornament holder that I use as a jewelry organizer, some photos and my baby memento (which has been hanging in my closet since I found out I was pregnant with my Little Cricket and I still haven’t had the heart to take it down because it makes me feel so good every time I look at it).








Yup, the reason I had to have THIS particular house was because of this closet. I love it!

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