Thursday, July 4, 2013

Home & Garden: The Landing

The landing upstairs is a small space, however since it is the central hub that all the rooms shoot off of I wanted it to be pretty and fun. I knew I couldn’t put much, I didn’t want to crowd the small space, but I thought that it could hold a small bookshelf. I really had to search long and hard but I finally found the perfect one, on clearance which was an added bonus that was only 14 inches wide. It was the perfect little shelf to hold some books, picture frames and a few nick nacks. We hung one of Mrs. Painter’s paintings that we own. I found a rug to compliment it that I got on sale at Ikea. And for the opposite wall Mr. Rogue and I decided to hang our wedding portrait where all our loved ones signed good wishes on our wedding day.

It’s a small space but I love how it came out!







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I love that wedding pic with all the signatures. Great memories.

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