Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy Birthday America


Today is a holiday and Mr. Rogue actually got the day off of work… gasp! I tried to make plans with a few different groups of our friends but everyone was going OUT, and I wanted something a little bit more low-key. Taking him to the beach or somewhere that there would be loud fireworks I didn’t think would be a great idea. Not for his little ears and because if we were out it would be hard for me to leave if he started fussing. So Mr. Rogue and I decided to just have a low key kind of day. We went to my new favorite park for a little walk since it was such a beautiful day. We enjoyed the sunshine but my Little Cricket was all covered up and slept the entire time.



We got home and played with the baby, in the shade. I put him in his little fourth of July outfit and we just hung out outside. Just the past couple of days our Little Cricket has really been smiling. It is the cutest thing EVER! We are totally in love just hanging out and watching his every little move.




And then I had bought supplies for a little bbq of our own. My favorite dill potato salad was completely wiped out of the deli counter when I went shopping so we decided to make one of our own. My first time ever making potato salad and it was DIVINE, even better than the stores version. Don’t you worry I will be sharing the recipe soon. We grilled corn and had hot dogs and just sat around chatting. Tasty and delicious.


After the baby was bathed and put to bed I busted out our little box of sparklers. Maybe not nearly as awesome as some fourth of July fireworks but I always loved sparklers and at least we brought a little fourth of July flair to our night. Plus the sparklers and the glass of wine I had made me feel a little less sad about missing out on a big firework display which I love. Next year will be soon enough to go out with our little baby and enjoy the day.






paul peggy zeus said...

Hot dogs and sparklers, doesn't get any more low key than that. Isn't it amazing how a baby tames the wild spirit?

Jennifer Arens said...

What a wonderful family day together. What america is all about :-)

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