Sunday, June 30, 2013

Crepes & Farmers

Last week while at the Farmers Market, Mrs. Wise tried to take me to what she dubbed an amazing Crepe place. But sadly when we got there the restaurant had a half hour wait. We ended up going somewhere else fabulous around the corner but I have been thinking about this Crepe place all week. Mrs. Wise is a foodie and if she said it was good I knew it had to be fantastic. So this Sunday Mr. Rogue and I ventured out with our Little Cricket for some Crepes.


La Petite Creperie reminds me of little restaurants in Paris. It even has the little tables out front to sit outside to people watch. Mr. Rogue and I sat down and our mouths started watering. There were savory crepes and sweet crepes. We both kept changing our mind over and over again until finally I settled on a savory crepe, the Champigonons et Formage Galette (mushrooms, gruyere, garlic and shallots in a buckwheat crepe) while Mr. Rogue opted for a sweet Grand Marnier crepe. OH MY WORD. Mrs. Wise is a genius for finding this place… these crepes were incredible.



I even adored the d├ęcor in this place. They even had a Modigliani painting hanging up on the wall behind me. An artist I blogged about two weeks ago that influenced the monster in the movie Mama.


The only negative thing about this place is that it didn’t have air conditioning. We are having a heat wave in LALA land the past couple of days and it has been hot, hot, HOT! Our Little Cricket didn’t like the heat too much, in fact he really started to fuss near the end of our meal which is totally unlike him. I took him out of the stroller and fed him some expressed milk that I brought with us. Normally he likes it warmed up but this time I tried it cold. He loved it! Poor little guy is like his mama, he doesn’t like it too hot.



Mr. Rogue and I grabbed a few quick things from the Farmers Market including some yummy stuff for dinner. At a Farmers Market you really cannot go with a list, you kinda need to just wander around and find things that the farmers brought that look good. In the end we were inspired to buy some various dips; a garlic aioli, a pesto and a jalapeno guyere. We grabbed some homemade pitas. The butcher was out of lamb so we substituted carne asada and then we went home and made a sort of gyro for dinner. DELISH!!!



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