Monday, July 1, 2013

Crazy Beautiful

A few days ago a friend was posting all over Facebook about her move, her packing, and the fact that she was going through all her things and getting rid of so much. And I remember all those times I moved in college, every year, sometimes multiple times a year. I remember the transient-ness of it all, the drama and adventure, not knowing how I and everything else was going to fit in the new places nooks and crannies, of exploring my new neighborhood and having to find a new dry cleaner. All this while working a full time job and going to school full time and trying to juggle the fantastic-ness of being young, fun and fabulous. It was chaotic, it was hectic and it was hard. Hard but oh how crazy beautiful.


So I would get ready to move and each and every time I was able to go through everything I owned. I would toss things that I didn’t need, I would organize things that got cluttered in the six months I stayed in that apartment and I would even donate things I just didn’t like anymore. It was more of a pain to move things that were just mediocrely awesome.

In all those years, in all those moves, I managed to keep my ‘stuff’ to a minimum. With constant moving and not having the money to buy more stuff I was able to live in a state of minimalism. Now I am an adult, I live in a big house and I have so much stuff I sometimes feel like it is coming out of my ears. Although I love being an adult and I love my home without a moving box in my foreseeable future, I also miss the de-cluttering that came along with moving often.

Regardless of the fact that I am not moving I decided to scour the house anyways. So over the past week I have gone through my entire closet. I packed up all my maternity wear. I went through all my shoes and got rid of some of the super high heels that I just don’t wear anymore. Then I took a huge breath and went through and scrutinized every item in my wardrobe. I tried things on and made some tough decisions. I was brutally strict with the things I decided to keep. If I didn’t LOVE it, it got tossed. I made a HUGE donation pile, got rid of things I had been saving in case I got thin enough to fit back into it – and then I did it again just to be sure I got everything.


Once I dropped off the bags of items off at the donation center I felt a wave of happiness standing in my now seemly naked walk in closet. Each item in the room was something that I adored. But then it looked a little well… naked.

For months I have been craving some shopping but I was too pregnant to even think about buying any of the cute things at the mall. I didn’t after all need any more maternity clothes so I waited. I told myself that once the baby came and once I lost my pregnancy weight I could take myself on a shopping spree. I didn’t think that the weight would come off as quickly as it did, but it has so now I am off to fulfill the promise to myself; the waiting has ended.

So I picked up my cousin Ms. Sweetie and we headed to the most fabulous mall in the area, the South Coast Plaza, an hour drive away but SO WORTH IT!

So we wouldn’t get distracted by hunger while shopping we decided to eat first at the Clam Jumper. We ordered the MOST delicious fried zucchini. When I lamented about ordering something fried for an appetizer she said “What, it’s a vegetable!”. Ms. Sweetie… I like your style!



I tried to find a salad on the menu that I wanted but my eyes kept straying back to the burgers. They had a Black Widow Burger that I just SIMPLY had to have. And oh my word how large was that burger. It was so big I had to bust out a knife and fork. Ms. Sweetie was a good girl and got the salad, but then we found out that it was almost as many calories as my burger. Salad fail, burger win… I didn’t feel so guilty after that.




We had a long leisurely lunch. We ate. My Little Cricket ate. Strangers kept floating by to say hi to the cutest little baby ever. I have to agree he is super adorable. And of course he spent half his time in his new aunt’s arms. We are all just so in love!



Finally, four hours after I left the my house, we made it into the actual mall. And oh how we shopped. We shopped and my Little Cricket slept and we had such a GREAT GREAT time. Shoes, handbags, more shoes, clothes, even more shoes and even some goofy pit stops! We had such a great time and I got a couple of things that I loved to add to my now much smaller wardrobe. At least now I have room to put the new stuff!








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paul peggy zeus said...

OMG the purple sandals!! I'm totally in LOVE!! Swoon! That burger was ginormous! It's hard to believe the salad had as much calories in it. Cricket is so adorable too!

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