Tuesday, June 4, 2013

That Doctor that Tortures your Mouth

In the last two months of my pregnancy a cap I got quite a while ago started to act up. Almost every day I would have a mild toothache and then the drama with the jelly beans happened.

Regardless while I was pregnant there was nothing that could be done. I couldn’t get x-rays and both my dentist and my OBGYN said that if my tooth wasn’t an emergency to just deal with it. So now two weeks after my Little Cricket arrived I could finally go to the dreaded dentist and get my tooth taken care of. Of course I hate going to the dentist, who really likes going after all, but I was so ready to be DONE with this persistent toothache that I almost went willingly.


Since I knew I would be there a while I asked Mrs. Dancer to come with me. I couldn’t leave her home with the baby, I was still too anxious to be separated with him, but I also knew that it would be really hard to bring him alone; I am so super thankful for my wonderful best friend! So I got my teeth drilled on and Mrs. Dancer hung out with my Little Cricket for two hours. Even having him in the waiting room gave me anxiety but I felt good being able to pop my head in every once and a while just to make sure everything was ok.

Yesterday I decided to stop taking the Ibuprofen that my OBGYN prescribed to me for my c-section. But when I got home from the dentist the combined pain of the surgery and the dental work had me reaching for another pill. Thankfully you are supposed to take this drug with dinner, so I breastfed my Little Cricket while Mr. Rogue cooked and didn’t take my medication until after I was done breastfeeding.

About 30 minutes after taking the pill I started to feel really weird, like high as a kite seeing colors kind of weird. I remember being confused; my prescription never had this side effect before. In fact I mentioned to Mr. Rogue how GOOD I felt right in that moment. Which is when we both got up to look at the bottle of meds I took. Yup instead of my Ibuprofen I had accidentally grabbed Mr. Rogue’s Hydrocodon prescription.


Needless to say I ended up pumping and dumping my milk and instead we gave the baby some of the milk that I had in the freezer. Thank goodness for me being prepared ahead of time with milk which was a suggestion in my baby book to store some for emergencies. Crisis averted. Thank goodness I am so sensitive to medication and realized my mistake before feeding the baby again.


paul peggy zeus said...

That is a powerful drug! no wonder you were seeing colors.

Jennifer Arens said...

That's hilarious about the mixup!

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