Friday, June 21, 2013

OBGYN Appointment Month Post-Op Appointment

I am feeling much better but I am still in pain from the c-section. I still cannot do many bending sitting up motions without a bunch of pain, sure it’s manageable now but I was expecting to feel better. I am not a patient person. Today I had my OBGYN appointment and I was excited to find out when I would feel like the old me again.

The BEST thing about this appointment is that I am officially back at my pre-pregnancy weight. I was super careful about gaining weight when I was pregnant as I am overweight already. But I am super stoked that only a month after birth I am not carrying around a bunch of extra weight.

I saw the doctor and she is happy with how I am progressing. I have been walking here and there because that is supposed to help healing and she encouraged me to walk even more. But I was discouraged that I wouldn’t be able be cleared for anything other than walking for another month and that this recovery process will be long. As in I might not feel completely like me again for another 4-6 months. So I still have restrictions on my movement, I need to be patient with myself. At least I can stand now and walk without too much difficulty. I can bend down and touch my toes. I have a happy and healthy little baby. I just need to keep these chants going and remember that this too shall pass.

The only other concern I have is that there is a six inch strip, three inches above and three inches below my incision that feels numb. Like I can tell when someone touches it but it feels all tripped out on novocaine. Apparently this is pretty common, the doctor has to cut through nerves and those nerves can take a year to reconnect. Again patience. Patience is a virtue.

So I am going to go home. I am going to walk more. I am going to try and be patient. And I am going to snuggle my adorable little boy.


Jennifer Arens said...

Great news! Walking is awesome!

paul peggy zeus said...

My incision still feels numb around the edges too. It just takes time for the skin to get the feeling back, it will come.

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