Monday, June 3, 2013

Newbie Mommie

So I decided to go to the grocery store… alone… with the baby for the first time. Of course I have taken my friends kids, while babysitting, to the store but never before have had I tried with an infant. The difference is vast, that damn car seat placement stumped me. So I got to the parking lot, I parked near the back by an empty cart. I diaper wiped it down to make sure it was clean, even though there was no way that the baby was going to be touching any part of it I knew I would, and I didn’t want to get the baby sick. But then I took out the car seat and proceeded to go through figuring out where to put it.

I wanted the baby safe obviously so my first inclination was to place the car seat in the large part of the basket, where it could rest perfectly flat and safe. Good news is that it fit perfectly, the problem was that there was now very little room for groceries. It wouldn’t due sitting in there. So then I noticed that there were two convenient U-shaped parts on the bottom of the seat so I figured I would try to get one of those over a bar, to make the seat more secure, up where the toddler seat was. Then I could leave the larger basket free for the groceries. The first one I tried looping over the bar, the back U-shaped piece, put the baby at this weird feet in the air, lounged way too far back position. MEH, not great, so then I tried the front U shape. This U was much smaller, as in perfectly sized to fit over one of the wire bars of the car. As in so perfectly sized that it got stuck. As in I couldn’t get the seat off the bar. Imagine me in the parking lot, gently yanking on a baby seat. At first I was trying to be gentle but it was REALLY REALLY STUCK. I started to panic so I put more effort in. With my foot placed on the bottom bar of the cart so I can get more leverage I started yanking like a crazy person. I am sure I looked like some kind of loony cartoon. In the end, after yanking for a good 3 minutes, tears of frustration starting to creep into my tired eyes, I stepped away from the problem and took a moment to think.

Yup, after hunching down and looking at the front U-shaped piece I realized that it was there to attach the seat to the car seat docking station in the car. As in it had locked onto the bar of the shopping cart just like it would lock onto the docking station in the car and all I had to do was release the lock. Voila, the car seat came right off.

I really hate that about my personality. I am a shove the square peg through the round hole kind of girl. When I should pause and ask myself WHY the square peg won’t fit through the round hole instead I SHOVE. Maybe it doesn’t fit because it isn’t supposed to go there. Maybe I cannot get the car seat off the shopping cart because I need to do something other than tug as hard as I can.

The good news is that other than a few strange looks from some other patrons I managed to figure it out without too much drama. And my Little Cricket slept through the whole thing so I haven’t ruined the allusion that I know what the hell I am doing. So with my newly re-latched car seat on the cart I ventured into the store; at least my car seat isn’t going to fall off the cart. If I couldn’t get it off tugging at it with all my might then nothing was going to make that car seat accidentally slip. Scare for car seat safety!

So I shopped. My Little Cricket made it through the whole store without crying, something I was really worried about. We got through the checkout line, the groceries made it into the car and we even managed to get home parked in the garage before the crying started. I quickly grabbed the ice cream and the lunch meat leaving everything else in the car so I could take care of my Little Cricket.

And then, once the groceries were away I Googled “where does the car seat go on a shopping cart” and realized that I committed my first parental sin.

“Thou shall never put the car seat on the top of the shopping cart.”

Apparently the worst place a car seat can go is on the top where the toddler is supposed to sit. It’s where I ended up putting my car seat. Sigh: at least I didn’t kill the baby.


Jennifer Arens said...

Have you seen other parents place carseats in that spot? You're not the first.... Its not the worst thingLol

Courtney Brady said...

I always carried Leo in a baby carrier in the gorcery store. Leaves your hands free and you get to snuggle the baby :)

Jess said...

I wish that there were pics to accompany this post :) May the Real world parenting begin! xo

Sonja said...

Babywearing! We used our Ergo for this. It took a while to get it right putting it on by myself, but after a few tries, I was a pro. It was the very best to be able to "chat" with baby and kiss his head while grocery shopping and he was so content and happy :)

Safe and leaves the entire cart for groceries!

(I can't recommend the Ergo enough. We used it for EVERYTHING. I hardly used a stroller at all until we moved to the city and my kiddo was too big for a front carry.)

paul peggy zeus said...

Imagine, a newborn in the carrier inside the basket, am 20 month old baby in the top part of the cart AND a three year old toddling beside you who has to pee every 1/2 hour. Yeah, been there, done that! NO room for food, so I had to pull and extra cart behind me. WHEEEEE! Loads of Fun!!

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