Tuesday, June 11, 2013

My Old Man is Getting Old

So yesterday I took a little walk with my cousin. My dog has been showing his age lately and the last time I took him out for a long walk he didn’t do very well the few days after. So I have been leaving him home more and more. This walk however I knew that I wouldn’t be going far, fast or for very long. With my recent surgery I was only planning on two blocks so I brought him along.

Within an hour of finishing our short walk my dog was having really bad hip problems. His back legs were both shaking whenever he stood and he had a really bad limp on his right side. I wasn’t sure if we had just gone too far and he had pushed it too much or if there was a larger problem. I couldn’t stand to just wait a few days and see if it got better, instead Mr. Rogue and I loaded him into the car and I took him as a walk-in to my vet.


I got the confirmation from the doctor that everything was ok, that he was just very sore and that in a few days he would be much better. Although a pain to go to the vet for something that ended up being so minor it was totally worth my peace of mind that my furry friend was ok. I also was able to get a little pain medicine for him. He is 12 now, and I know there is going to come a day when my little shadow will no longer be here, but I am so thankful that he is still relatively healthy, as long as both he and I respect his walking limitations. He is the most loved dog ever!



paul peggy zeus said...

You are blessed to have him so long. He's a big boy now.

Jennifer Arens said...

Such a good dog!

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