Friday, May 31, 2013

The Week in Moments: 2 Weeks Old

This second week has seen our little sweet boy packing on the weight. Mr. Rogue decided to do the photo shoot this week since I was still in pain from attempting to do the last one with my stiches. When he came downstairs with my Little Cricket dressed in a 0-3 month outfit I almost objected. My baby was still in newborn sizes. Even though it was a little bit big it did fit, and then my heart swelled in pride, because my boy he is growing.



So for the next hour I sat back in a chair and watched Mr. Rogue play with his son. He cooed and kissed and giggled in delight right along with me when my Little Cricket did something cute. We have a photography setup in our living room. Sure it’s a bit messy looking when people come over but the light that spills into that space from 4-6 is incredible. Unfortunately our son wasn’t cooperating by falling asleep during the window of light. Mr. Rogue decided to do the photo shoot even though our son was awake, it isn’t impossible to get photos of an awake newborn, its just super hard.


I loved many that he took. We have a very different photoing style, and some of the angles he gets I wouldn’t have thought of. Love my man and our combined passion for photography and most of all I love our most recent model!







And then just a few random phone photos I took around the house this week. Ahhhh I cannot resist!





Jennifer Arens said...

Love them all!

paul peggy zeus said...

Oh Mr. Rogue did a wonderful job, and captured some beautiful shots. I agree, Jenn!

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