Saturday, June 8, 2013

More Family Fun Fly to LALA Land

Mr. & Mrs. Faith were originally supposed to fly in today but when I found out I was getting a c-section and therefore would need more help earlier than I thought she changed her plane ticket to come out immediately after the birth. That left Mr. Faith and my niece Ms. Fairy coming out today without mom. Both walked in the door and immediately ran to the baby, I have been told to prepare to get ignored in favor of the baby so I was prepared.

Ms. Fairy was in love, she looked like such a big girl holding my Little Cricket and she was so excited to be one of the first in the family to hold him. And then grandpa got to try out his bottle feeding skills. With my recent sleepless crying fit, and now that my Little Cricket has now established a good breast feeding pattern we have now introduced a bottle once a day. It has only been two days and with getting a four hour window of sleep instead of an hour and a half I already am feeling much better.



Ms. Fairy and Mr. Faith will be here for eight days and then Mrs. Faith is flying back out to spend a long weekend with us. I love having all the family around helping out, it really makes a big difference having the extra hands at such a large transition in our lives.


paul peggy zeus said...

You are being spoiled, but I'm am so thankful the faiths are there to help you out.

Jennifer Arens said...

Nice to have a village, huh?

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