Sunday, June 23, 2013

Let the Bountiful Deliciousness Runneth Over

I don’t get to visit with Ms. Wise often. We used to work together and see each other every day but when I left work years ago we have only gotten together a handful of times. Since the last time we met we both moved, and funny enough we are now only about two miles apart. We have much in common including our love for all things food and cooking. So when she suggested we get together for brunch, and then visit the Farmers Market, I was super excited.

We decided to drive, even though the market is only a mile from her house. I still wasn’t up for all that walking with my surgery. Plus I am still getting used to taking my Little Cricket out and about so I wanted the car close in case of a baby meltdowns or emergencies. We found parking close and walked to our brunch location a Crepe place Ms. Wise said was fantastic. Except the amazing Crepe place was packed and had a half hour wait. I hadn’t eaten and was starving, Ms. Wise had worked out just before I arrived and was even MORE HUNGRY than I was.

So we decided to go somewhere else, but we were both so hungry we couldn’t think. Chaos ensued until she just made a decision, we walked to location number two, an organic delicious deli place that was close by. But when we walked in they were no longer serving breakfast. And Ms. Wise WANTED BREAKFAST.

So we decided to go somewhere else. We hustled to our third location where we proceeded to think about ordering everything on the menu. Earls Gourmet Grub ended up being fantastic. Ms. Wise got her breakfast and I got to try a new place. Oh the choices, it was so hard to pick something to eat. I ended up getting one of the things that Ms. Wise recommended and the one that sounded fun. I got the M*!#%@R Plucker; grilled chicken breast, sliced tomato, baby spinach, basil, aioli, gouda & balsamic on Brioche Bun.





And I have to say…. DANG EARL…. That was that the best chicken sandwich I ever had!


After we finished eating we headed over to the Farmers Market around the corner. I don’t know why but when we moved into our new house I didn’t go out and venture to all the Farmers Markets so I could find one that I liked to replace my old neighborhood market. Occasionally I would make the trek to my old stomping grounds and visit my vendors but it took so much time and I just didn’t do it often. And I also would sometimes go to the Santa Monica market but it is just too crazy, too big and too hard to park to make it pleasurable. The market Ms. Wise suggested was just up my alley. This one had less traffic and was smaller, but smaller in a high quality good way.



There were so many delicious things, things for us to taste and since we are in peak growing season so many things to buy. I know from past experience to temper my excitement and not buy too much. Farmer’s market produce tends to only last for a day or two since it doesn’t have all the pesticides and chemicals. But it was HARD to hold back. I vowed instead that I would visit here again next week and even perhaps make it a point to find a Wednesday or Thursday market so I could go twice a week and have fresh Farmers Market produce all the time.


It ended up being a kick ass day and we vowed to get together again soon, perhaps to shop at the market and then go home to make something wonderful to eat. Ahhh I cannot wait!



The best part of the whole day is that my Little Cricket slept through the whole three hour outing. From door to door he was out which let me have some adult time and a real conversation. Soul food for sure!



paul peggy zeus said...

Wow, what an amazing sandwich. Is Miss Wise, the owl lady??

Kim & Chris said...

That sandwich place is the best. Next time try the Reuben. And Luciano swears by the turkey.

And that is the market I get all of Ghita's food at. Make it up on a Sunday and freeze for future use. Fun cooking times ahead for you and your guy!

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