Monday, June 24, 2013

I Made Lemonade and I Spiked It

In an effort to get out of the house so I don’t start to go crazy I decided to surf online. I Googled ‘Bored Mom’. Not that I am a bored mom yet, but that is the point, to be active and involved so I don’t get bored. Let me tell you, the internet is the best place on earth, I found so many fantastic things but my two favorites were Stroller Strides and Meetup.

Stroller Strides actually has a group that meets at the mall three blocks from my house. Sadly they meet at 9:00AM a time I am not super thrilled with but I might actually make the effort and go anyways. Stroller Strides is a workout routine, with a coach, and you do the lunges, jogging, walking and abs with the baby. It is the best from what I can read in the reviews. I can get a great workout with a certified trainer pushing me to try harder, be with my baby instead of lobbing him off in a daycare while I work out and meet a bunch of other moms. Plus at only $90 dollars a month and a group meet every single day it seems like a great idea. That is IF I go. Apparently the first visit is free so I can’t wait to go and try it out. I just have to wait until after my 10 weeks post-surgery; so four and a half more weeks to wait.

My other favorite site was Meetup, a site where you can meet groups of people that want to do the same things that you want to do. And oh my there were a ton of mommy groups. I joined two “Santa Monica New Moms” and “M.I.L.K. Mothers I’d Like to Know. To be able to chat with other people in the group you have to be a member, so I sent a request to become one. Until then I saw that the Santa Monica group was meeting the next day in the park for a walk. It sounded awesome, so even though I wasn’t officially a member I decided to go. It wasn’t like they were going to kick me out or anything… at least I hoped.

So the next day I got dressed up, I got the little guy ready and we headed to the meetup location. I got there early, so I sat on a park bench to wait, and I waited, and waited. Until 20 minutes after the meetup time I realized that no one was showing up. And then I got an email on my smart phone congratulating me for becoming a member in the group. I quickly jumped on the groups site and low and behold everyone was chatting away saying sorry they couldn’t make it today, lets just cancel and meet next week.


I was a little sad, it was my first time venturing out to meet other moms and my first time trying to get a little real exercise and it fell through right on my pretty little expectations. But as grandma used to say ‘When life hands you lemons you make lemonade’. I picked up my expectations of the day, I dusted them off, I blended them up and I added a little vodka. I decided that it was a beautiful day, I had some beautiful paths, next to a beautiful beach and I could just exercise on my own.

So my Little Cricket and I walked for 1.6 miles. We stopped and smelled the roses, we stopped and sat on a park bench to watch the waves curl, my adorable guy got cooed over by some sweet old ladies, we rolled on the grass, we had a bottle and mama got some exercise. And you know what, my vodka spiked lemonade tasted pretty damn good!
















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paul peggy zeus said...

So sad, no one showed up for your little walk, but it is a beautiful place and gad you stayed to take a walk with your son.

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