Tuesday, June 25, 2013

I am Going to Get Fit if it Kills Me

With the fresh produce from my excursion to the Farmers Market Sunday and with my fiasco turned workout yesterday I woke up today with new determination. Even though I am back to my pre-baby weight I still have a bunch of weight I would like to lose as well as some serious toning. I am usually pretty active, take my weekly dance class and add my birding with my big lens to that and in general I would say that I am even pretty strong. However when I got pregnant I had to stop all activity and go on a modified bed rest regiment. I could only walk for short periods of time and my OBGYN wanted my feet up as much as possible. All my exercise stopped. My only way of attempting not to balloon out 50 pounds was to modify what I ate.

And I did, I cut way back, and I was so happy to be pregnant that my emotional binge eating stopped all together. Cutting back all my yummy treats but it was TOTALLY WORTH IT. I only gained about 18 pounds with my pregnancy and I have a healthy baby boy!

Despite still having restrictions from my doctor, no workouts until 10 weeks post-surgery, I am now cleared to walk. I was going to wait to start my usual workout routine of exercise videos and the elliptical in our home gym but why wait, I can start slow with a mini routine and just walk. Then in four and a half weeks start my usual workouts. I am totally out of shape anyways so the slow start could be the best approach. The 1.6 miles yesterday has me tired and sore today, where I used to go birding with no problem for 6-8 miles sometimes and that is with carrying a 20 pound lens.

So today with my new goal in mind of walking five days a week I headed out the door to try a different park I looked up online. This one is much closer to the house than the park I went to yesterday, only a short five minute drive, and this park is a loop with exercise stations which sounded interesting.


It was a cute park with plenty of parking which was nice but best of all was the perfectly flat paved .7 mile loop. For now I ignored the exercise stations, most of them had to do with core exercises which are still a big no for me, but I am excited to try them in the future. For now I just walked, and I breathed in the air and I was just happy to be outside of the house. Wish me luck that I can stick to this!



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paul peggy zeus said...

Good going, sweetheart. You always set your mind to something and are determined like no one else I know.

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