Thursday, June 13, 2013

Home & Garden: The Powder Room

I actually finished decorating quite a few spaces I haven’t shared with you months ago but I couldn’t seem to manage getting the time to actual photograph the rooms let alone find a day where I didn’t have a billion other things I needed to talk about to post them. So months ago I went into a decorating frenzy. With our little bundle of joy ready to make an appearance and my baby showering being hosted in my home I wanted to get the last of the decorating done. By hustling I managed to get the whole house finished and therefore now that things look like they are FINALLY calming down a little bit I will be sharing the last spaces of the house decoration with you over the next few weeks.

Our downstairs powder room is our smallest bathroom so I didn’t want to cram a ton of stuff into it. In general when decorating a room I fall in love with a pattern on a rug, a color of a towel, or candle, or a piece of art this time I wanted to revolve the décor of the bathroom around some of my bird photography. I pulled some of my favorite photos and then let Mr. Rogue choose which ones he wanted to hang in the bathroom. In the end he picked a series of Peacock photos I took a few years ago and our theme was born.



I used greens in some of the accents like the towels and the candle. And then I went to Michael’s and made a bouquet to compliment the colors in the photos. A few silver frames and a silver vase finished off the room. No muss no fuss and I have gotten so many compliments on the photos… blush!





Jennifer Arens said...

Looks awesome!

paul peggy zeus said...

Love peacocks, good choice Mr Rouge!

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