Monday, May 27, 2013

His First Holiday Memorial Day BBQ

For Memorial Day we decided to have a little BBQ. Since my Little Cricket is still too young for crowds so we just invited the Fruits over and since their kids are both sniffling and running a slight fever they got a babysitter and left them at home. So it was just us adults and our little son.

Mrs. Fruit is a nurse and since she has two children of her own I had her give my Little Cricket his first nail trimming. His little hands are so small and his little nails even smaller, I was too scared I would cut him. I got to see Mrs. Fruit’s technique, I am so glad to have many experienced mommies I can turn to for help.


Mr. Rogue and his brother BBQ’ed while the girls stayed inside prepping the rest of the food. We had a whole spread of yumminess. Our Little Crickets first holiday – Memorial Day!










After everyone left Mr. Rogue attempted to give his son a little tummy time. Our pediatrician encourages doing 5 minute tummy sessions three times a day. My Little Cricket hates it so much it breaks my heart. He just cries and I have to leave the room. Hopefully with time he will get better, for now I just can’t be there while he struggles.


And I took a video, you know for the people that car to watch videos of little babies doing pretty much nothing, which means my mom and Mr. Rogues mom will be the only two people that watch it. However you can see that here my Little Cricket is tolerating his tummy time. I stopped rolling the camera before he broke down in tears. Not sure why the audio isnt showing up… I will need to work on that when my brain is working a little better. for now you get video – no audio.


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paul peggy zeus said...

Many firsts to come! First holiday, first nail trimming, all firsts for my little grandson.

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