Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy First Father’s Day Mr. Rogue

This is the man I love, the father of my child.


To see my son and my husband together is the accumulation of years of prayers and hopes and dreams all come true. I couldn’t be happier than I am today.

In honor of Mr. Rogues very first Father’s Day I got him a little something from his son. Obviously my Little Cricket is too young to go shopping. I just got a simple card and a little picture frame that we put in the family room. My heart melts!



As a surprise my mother-in-law got my a belated Mother’s Day gift. She is so sweet and knows that I am a sucker for beautiful orchids. The two she purchased were so beautiful and unique. Love how they look in my home!



I made a big breakfast, one of Mr. Rogue’s favorites, a Grand Marnier French Toast and some sausages. The Grand Marnier gives the French toast a little kick and a hint of orange. It was delicious!


We made it to the Fruits house for a Father’s Day BBQ. With four kids and six adults it was a full loud house. Everyone played and chatted and talked and crawled around on the floor and held babies. There were piggy back rides, and spinning cousins and nap times in between.






And then my little mini me, my adorable niece Ms. Bambi, saw me taking all my photos and wanted to take some of her own to help. I handed her my little point and shoot and then followed her around while she snapped photos of ‘all the people that I love’. I loved the different perspective she got from her little angel.



Everyone chipped in to help with dinner except me. I did manage to make a desert to bring but by the time dinner came around I was just too tired. I simply sat and took a few photos while everyone else worked away. I felt a little guilty but exhaustion was a higher priority. Dang I knew I should have taken a nap before we came.







Finally after what seemed like hours we all managed to get sat around the table. Mr. Fruit is a master of the grill and the steaks were awesome. I didn’t have any of the artichokes, I was too tired to even attempt to struggle with one, but everyone else loved them.





About two bites into my steak the baby started whimpering. Of course he cries the second we started eating. But I just picked him up and brought him to the table with us. He just wanted to be with the rest of the family. He probably also wanted some of my luscious Trifle too!




By the time we finished dinner I was spent. As in I didn’t have much energy or patience left either. I went upstairs to feed my Little Cricket but was having some latching issues, probably because I was overtired and he was overtired and both of us crabby and overtired made for a bad combination. Anyways by the time I got back downstairs I was DONE. We had taken two cars and I just thought to sneak away with the baby and leave the rest of the family to continue to visit but in the end everyone ended up leaving.

We walked in the door and my mother-in-law took the baby. I went upstairs and passed immediately out. After a solid four hours of sleep I felt SO MUCH better. Thank you so much Mrs. Faith for giving me those breaks, they are priceless.


Guess I wasn’t the only one who needed a nap.



paul peggy zeus said...

Mr fruit, the king of BBQ MMMMM! Love that pic of cricket and Mrs faith!

Jennifer Arens said...

What a lovely fathers day!

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