Monday, June 17, 2013

Happy Feet

My niece, Ms. Fairy, has been here now for 8 days and we have essentially been hanging out at the house watching movies or visiting family. So today I left the baby with my husband and his father and my mother in law Mrs. Faith, my niece Ms. Fairy and I all went out to get our nails done. This has been something that I have wanted to do forever. In LALA land you walk around in sandals most of the time and therefore your feet are constantly on display. I would often go and get a pedicure but with being pregnant I stopped going. The fumes at the salon weren’t good for my baby or for my super sensitive nose. I also had to forgo my pumice stone in the shower while pregnant which left my feet much rougher than normal. As in OH MY WORD I need to go to get a pedicure.

So I was super excited with our little adventure. I wanted to pick a fun crazy summer color but instead opted for something more neutral. AKA something that could chip and be ignored forever because I have a new baby and let’s face it you will have no time to come back in three weeks kind of color.


Ms. Fairy and Mrs. Faith at least went a little bit more adventurous in their choices so I got to live vicariously through their fun colors.


So we all sat in our spa back rub massage chairs and got our feet scrubbed and clipped and oiled and rubbed and polished all pretty and nice. And it was WONDERFUL. Spending that much time on myself after spending so much time taking care of my new little baby was exactly what I needed. Just a little indulgence, just a little pick me up, just a little thing to make me feel better and pretty. And let me tell you my girl EARNED her tip, and I had a very hard time trying to keep a straight face and she scrubbed the rough skin off the bottoms of my feet.

All pretty sparkly and like new they are! We now have happy feet!


Over the course of a few days I have taken some time upstairs in the computer room to spend some time on a personal project, a video, that I will be sharing soon. Ms. Fairy would often join me just to chat and hang out. But then we got sidetracked, she asked me to help her make a video of her fifth grade school year. And since I am a sucker I put my project on hold and played with her and her school photos. We picked a song, she downloaded the photos off her iPhone and then we put them all together. I just love that it is a tiny little peek into her 12 year old life. And she just LOVED it! That smile alone was worth all the time we spent.


paul peggy zeus said...

I need happy feet too! Haven't been able to cut my toenails since my surgery and it's driving me crazy. Dad has offered, but you know how sensitive my feet are, so I have to continue with unhappy feet for another month. EGADS!!

Jennifer Arens said...

I was happy to get a pedicure last month but I still hate getting it done! It hurts and tickles and smells lol

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