Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Getting Out of the House, Too the Mall of Course

Since I am supposed to walk to promote healing I thought why not walk at the mall. Plus I was anxious to get the first outing with the baby out of the way. The mall is only a two minute car ride, I would normally have walked but I was worried about biting off more than I could chew. If the baby melted down or if I was in too much pain having the car right there instead of having to deal with a ten minute walk seemed best. Of course I should have re-read the directions for the stroller BEFORE we left. Mrs. Faith and I got to the mall and then had to spend a good 1 minutes trying to get the dang thing unfolded right there in the parking lot. Thank goodness for smart phones because although it was easy once we knew how opening that stroller would have taken a while to figure out.



I had a few things I needed at the mall. We swung by the maternity store so I could pick up more nursing shirts and nursing night gowns. I didn’t anticipate stocking up enough for the constant peeing, spitting up leaking on messes that I have been through. We also swung by Nordstrom where I had a gift certificate to use up. I spent some time at the Mac counter picking up a few things. Nothing like new makeup to make you feel pretty and ready for summer!


And because we were there, and the store was there, Mrs. Faith and I couldn’t resist at least looking through the Baby Gap store. And then I couldn’t resist all the adorableness. I had quite a little pile until Mrs. Faith made me put most of it back. She felt so bad for raining on my adorable baby shopping excursion that she bought me some of the adorableness she made me put back. No one can resist the baby clothes!


We were at the mall for less than an hour and a half but I came home completely wiped of all energy. That such a short little trip took so much out of me was scary. I knew this surgery wouldn’t be easy, I knew that I would be in pain but I didn’t imagine anything like this. So Mrs. Faith and I just chilled for the rest of the day. One of us with a cuddly little baby in our arms.



Of course he is my constant little companion. I cannot stand to put him down sometimes. He even blogs with me. Say HI my Little Cricket!!!


I am still making a ton of new mom mistakes. For instance I was sure I smelled baby pee. I was trying to find it, it wasn’t on the blankets, not on the boopy, I was sniffing the bassinet, the burp cloths, the baby and still the smell kept alluding me. WHERE WAS IT!!!! And then I realized, it was me, baby pee was saturating my shirt and I didn’t even realize it. Both my Little Cricket and I are in constant wardrobe change. YAY laundry!


paul peggy zeus said...

first excursions are the toughest. Just getting into new habits with your little cricket.

Jennifer Arens said...

I would have loved to see you in the parking lot with the stroller Lol

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