Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Getting Out and About

Mrs. Dancer has been so fantastic helping out so much and she has been over often to do anything and everything we need. With so much going on at our place she has been over our house multiple times over the past few weeks and I have only been to her new condo once, before baby, and before she was even moved in. So today my Little Cricket and I ventured out of the house and drove over to her place to spend a little time at the new condo and check out all that Mrs. Dancer has been working on, and that I had only been hearing about.

We discussed the new paint, furniture placement, some work she wants to get done here and there. We didn’t really DO anything except hang out and talk and of course coo over the baby. Every time I leave the house I forget something important, I am still learning. Like for instance if you visit a friend’s house you should bring a few, throw over the floor baby can lay on blankets. Instead I had to borrow a towel.

Ahhh this little guy makes me smile!





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paul peggy zeus said...

He makes me smile too! Note to self: keep your diaper bag packed with all the things you need to go out and leave it there, makes fast trips less hectic, and you'll always be prepared, ready to go.

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