Tuesday, June 18, 2013

First Month Pediatrician Appointment

Yesterday was my Little Crickets first month appointment and I admit I am always a little anxious when I go. I am worried that he didn’t gain enough weight (I am exclusively breastfeeding and I can never tell how much he is really eating) and I always have a long list of questions that I want the doctors opinion on. So today we arrive at the doctor’s office and my little one is immediately weighed. I really have nothing to worry about because he is again gaining weight like a champ. Today weighing in at 9 pounds 6 ounces which is 1 pound 11 ounces more than his last visit two weeks ago, HURRAH!



Most of my questions revolve around how to keep my Little Cricket safe. There is a whole new level of pressure I am feeling to make sure that nothing happens to him and that sometimes little niggling doubt when things go awry that I am doing it wrong. For instance you got a wicked case of diaper rash, apparently along with my eyes and my mouth you picked up my super sensitive skin, and even though I bought the sensitive diaper wipes you still got diaper rash. So I started using paper towel and water only on you and a little hydrocortisone and thankfully it cleared right up. Still every time I changed your diaper I felt like a little failure. Of course I couldn’t have known that you would have such a fierce reaction to wipes but I still felt guilty.

And then my Little Cricket apparently has clogged tear ducts, something that is pretty common in newborns. His little eyes aren’t draining properly so water sits in his eyes and he gets those little yellow eye buggers. Every feeding I clean out his eyes and massage his little tear ducts with the tip of my finger. Eventually the doctor said this will clear up, until then his eyes are constantly watering and constantly being cleaned.

My Little Cricket has a growth chart where the doctor tracks his length, weight and head circumference. His head is huge, running in the 90th percentile. His length is tracking just about normal at 50th percentile. And his weight is tracking a little below average at 40th percentile. Mr. Rogue and I are hoping that his body catches up with his head quickly.




Thankfully the only things that have come are all things that I can deal with, all things that will eventually clear up. I am just so thankful that he is healthy. Our next visit is in a month for his first round of shots and then I can start taking him to fun places! Let the traveling and the exciting classes begin.

I still cannot believe he is one month already.



paul peggy zeus said...

He looks happy and content. Don't beat yourself up on things you can't possibly control.

Jennifer Arens said...

The best thing about him being so young is he won't remember the diaper rash or clogged year duct :-)

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