Wednesday, June 12, 2013

BBBS 63: And Now She’s 14

Every year I take my little and her twin sister to Disneyland. It is something that we have done for the past four years for their birthday however with a new baby there was no way I would either be able to bring him with us or leave him at home for that long. As it is getting away for four hours today was hard but I wanted to make sure that Ms. Little didn’t feel like I was going to ignore her special day or that I was forgetting her with my new babies arrival.

So we decided that we would go to the mall and go on a shopping spree instead. Ms. Fairy my niece and Mrs. Dancer came with us and the five of us had so much fun running from store to store spending money. Each girl had a budget and anything they didn’t spend by 3 would be forfeit. They all got what they wanted, including some funny custom print hoodies and every last dine was spent of their budgets with Ms. Tomgirl buying a pair of socks to spend her last few dollars.





After shopping we all chowed down on McDonald’s. I ate too much and got a stomach ache. Why is it that it tastes so good yet is so bad for you! When will I learn to just stay away.



This is my and my little’s fifth birthday we have spent together and I am so thankful we have managed to get so far into the program still together. It isn’t always easy to make time for her but I love how rewarding this relationship is. She is growing up to be such a wonderful young lady and I feel blessed to count her as part of my family now.



paul peggy zeus said...

It is a rewarding experience. She will remember you forever with happy thoughts and memories that will last a lifetime! :)

Jennifer Arens said...

McDs is so good! Too much of it and its gross Lol. Shopping looked fun!

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